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Use LinkedIn Hidden Features For Effective Personal Branding in 2018

The advent of business-oriented social media marketing platform, like LinkedIn has given birth to the concept of personal branding. The personal branding is a strategy to build a strong impression or image that reflects idea, vision, nature and concept of an organization, group and individual. The development of personal brand is a blend of art and science. It is called an art because everyone requires creativity to grab attention that is generally adopted in content marketing. On other hand,...

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02.05.18 1

Outsource Digital Marketing Task like Social Media Activities, Content Curation & SEO

Running any business is not an easy task. It requires a deep focus to know about the industry updates every moment. When you start focusing on marketing areas, things can quickly turn into an overwhelming situation, and marketing, on the other hand, can consume enough of your time. But, have you ever contemplated on the fact of outsourcing few resource-demanding marketing tasks? Well, there are businessmen who prefer outsourcing various marketing activities to get a quick grip on...

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18.04.18 11

Whatsapp Marketing Campaign Strategy: Best Way to Grow Business Sales in 2018

A lot of business owners and some famous brands have lately begun using WhatsApp as a multi-purpose platform for connecting billions of consumers. There are more than 456 million WhatsApp subscribers out of which 1 Million users are added every day. Interestingly, Facebook recently bought WhatsApp for 19 billion US Dollars, which is negligible in terms of business for obtaining a database of almost a million active users every day. Now just figure out the profit Facebook will get after...

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