RM Capital Analytics

About The Client

RM Capital Analytics focuses on technical analysis of global financial markets, strategic overview of the macroeconomy, and Geopolitics events & developments. Their primary focus is on precious metals, currency markets, US stock indexes, and commodity markets. Their current emphasis is on active investment management, analysis of financial markets as well as independent research.

Client Objective


An increase in the number of views

The client wanted to increase the views on its YouTube videos to reach its target audience and improve brand awareness.


Increase engagement in the videos

The client aims to increase the engagement on his YouTube videos to reach the appropriate ratio of likes, dislikes, and comments and increase their conversion rate.


Earn more subscribers

The client wanted us to make a YouTube strategy and increase its subscribers to build a solid and loyal subscriber base while creating a robust online community.


YouTube Channel Optimization

We strategized and worked on the channel art, adding hyperlinks, adding proper thumbnails, featured videos, playlists, etc.

YouTube Video Optimization

We optimized the title and descriptions, included keywords in the video files, used relevant video hashtags, and added playlists and cards to every YouTube video.

YouTube Ads / Marketing

We strategized, planned, and ran some AdWords campaigns to reach the right audience for their channel. We ran Skippable Ads for branding and discovery ads to gain subscribers.

Keyword Research

We thoroughly researched every topic with relevant keywords and search queries, targeted them, and optimized our videos and channel accordingly.

Results Achieved

The results we achieved from our strategies were some of the best that we all have seen.

Improved YouTube Reach
Increase in Video Views
Increase in Engagement
Increase in Subscribers
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