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How a PR team Can Be Helpful in Improving SEO Result

Today, the online marketplace has become competitive. Therefore, various businesses are searching for something smarter and newer technique to maintain the superb online presence. For gaining the strong presence in the online world, it is imperative to go with trends (that audience wants) and standard rules (that the major search engines have deployed). With the recent Google algorithm updates, it seems that the quality content plays crucial role in taking the website to the good rank. Hence,...

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02.12.14 0

What is referral traffic? How we can optimize our website referral traffic?

Referral Traffic basically states the number of visits that come from different websites other than Google. This is the third most important form of statistics (the first two are visits from search engine and directly from URL) that is used by “Google Analytics”. When the users click the hyperlink to visit the webpage that is on different websites, then the Google Analytics considers this process as a referral visit to the destination website. Here, the website from where the traffic goes...

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25.11.14 0

What Key Points Need To Be Known While Developing Innovative Content

Saying content the most significant asset would not be wrong in the current digital market. It plays an exclusive role to attract the prospective visitors and encourage them to take the right action at the right time. However, the creation of content is simple, but this task becomes elusive, especially when the content is created according to keywords to make it SEO-friendly. Hence, keyword-based yet compelling content creation to retain prospective audience is really an onerous task. Original...

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