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11.01.16 0

10 Best Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has been on the rise all around the world. At present, millions of images are posted and shared every day. Owing to this reason, this platform is gradually becoming the hot trend for the online marketing campaigns. At present, besides deploying social media marketing, many businesses have started using Instagram as an instrumental platform for establishing their brand image in the digital marketplace. Increasing the followers is quite a challenging and...

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07.01.16 0

Why You Need To Optimize Your Mobile App?

Today, everyone life is so much connected with the mobile apps. Be it a game app or business app, all of us daily interact with the applications. According to the sources, it has been found that the number of mobile users have already outpaced the desktop user. Moreover, there are millions of applications available in the application store and the count is expanding day by day. And, hundreds of multifarious apps are downloaded every second. This alludes that how challenging is it for the...

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16.09.15 0

Google Search Impact Report Features

Google launches the alpha version of their new search queries report in Google search console to a limited number of Webmasters for feedback and testing. Google opened up a new report within Google search console, that new report is now available to a sub-group of those testers and is named the Search Impact report. You will get lots of features in Google search console with this report. It gives the ability to better analyze your site’s performance in SERP by showing your clicks,...

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