Google AdWords ppc management services

Are you struggling for the online presence of your website? Isn’t your website getting a good rank on SERP? Try Google Adwords PPC, which is the most effective SEM model that ensures the top ranking of your website in a very short span of time. Try BetterGraph as we are the dominant player when it comes to Google Adwords PPC.

Take the Faster Route to Success Waiting for the fortune to be kind to you will not get your business online traffic and conversions. You need to do more than your rivals to stand your ground in this highly competitive business landscape. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements can go a long way in helping you make your online business more visible to the users and ensure conversions of the prospective customers. PPC service from BetterGraph aims at targeting the most relevant keywords to provide maximum visibility within your campaign budget without compromising on the performance.

Google AdWords PPC Advertisement

Our Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertisement services include:

  • Paid search strategy
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign monitoring
  • PPC landing page
  • Ad copyright creation
  • Re-Targeting
  • Text Ad optimization
  • Long Tail Keyword Optimization
  • Quality Score

Why Choose BetterGraph For PPC service?

The experience that BetterGraph brings along with the Google AdWord PPC service is what makes it worth. The PPC professionals at BetterGraph are experts at keyword research and optimization and will make sure that your ad pops up when a related keyword is searched on Google. We also ensure to track the clicks accurately and make changes in the campaign to fine tune the performance for better conversion rate.

Our cost-efficient PPC advertisement services are designed to:

  • Offer customized PPC solutions to the clients
  • Maximize the ROI by reducing advertisement costs
  • Maintain utmost transparency on PPC expenses
  • Monitor & Manage bids round the clock
  • Take your business on Global platform
  • Be a great support to your organic SEO efforts

Strategies We Implement For Effective PPC Services

  • Keyword Research :We understand the business as well as the target users thoroughly to find the most relevant keywords that are in sync with the niche that your business caters. We also take help from Google AdWords while analyzing the keywords and view the competition they face. We are able to refine the audience in a better manner by using the right keywords.
  • Competition Analysis :Analyzing the competitor’s strategy is crucial to devising your own PPC campaign strategy as you get to know what others are up to. We at BetterGraph delve deep into the competitors strategies and take cues from their tactics to fine tune ours.
  • Sponsored Ad Display : After we have sketched our plan of action, we get down to designing the campaign that would be displayed as PPC ads. Our efforts are towards providing immense visibility to your brand. The content of the ad is also prepared meticulously in order to impress the prospective users and enhance the chances of the click.
  • Bid Management :Our PPC professionals monitor and manage the bids round the clock so that you get the best outcome from the ad campaign with little expense.

Accurate and Transparent PPC Report

We maintain an accurate record of the PPC advertisement program so that we are always aware of the leads and sales generated by the campaign and make amendments to the plan if required. We also provide the correct statistical data of the PPC ad program to our clients to maintain utmost transparency.

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