Hidden story behind a successful online shopping portal (SBC) works as an online shopping portal for serving a broad spectrum of consumer products, specifically targeting the Indian audiences (now majorly Delhi/ NCR). They are dealing in the comprehensive range of products including electronics, home entertainment, gaming, home appliances, gifts and many more. The website is constantly involved in serving the latest electronic and non-electronic products launched out in the market to satisfy a wide array of shopping needs to its customers and desires to become the leading online shopping chain in the respective Indian market.

Client: Shop By Choice (SBC) Website:


The client approached Better Graph with a strong business perspective, to expand their online business and elaborated the major problems (site navigation issues, page loading problems, non- optimized search-engine layouts etc.) that were impeding the growth of the shopping portal.

Having a giant shopping portal, compelled the client to believe only on veteran web-marketing partner that can successfully resolves the encountered problems and also employs excellent web marketing strategies to fortify and foster the business growth and generate increase business leads, sales and branding. With this strong belief, the client contacted us to provide well-proven SEO tactics and web-marketing strategies for his site that result in immediate yet effective online solutions and lead toward exponential growth of the online business. was lacking with the potential keywords and had non-search engine friendly ranking. The major challenges (goals) determined for SBC were:

  • To generate increased quality traffic (especially Delhi/ NCR traffic) while smashing the business competition
  • Search engine ranking
  • Rich content
  • Positive brand recognition and popularity
  • Higher conversion rate

Our life-saving solution to the business problem

Just like the client, the Better Graph experts have been very avid to handle this web project and swiftly commenced their research to get to the depth of the problem. Our professionals firstly analyzed and diagnosed the website for the prime check-up and came across severe challenging issues that were degrading the performance of the website including poor site navigation, long time consumption for page loading, poor HTML Validation etc.

To come up with this solution our SEO experts have thoroughly studied the project and gone under On-Page Optimization, off page optimization and other web marketing techniques and constantly reverted to the client with their detailed job descriptions.

Strategies implemented

To give firm and effective business solution, the web project was separated into three major parts, mainly:

  • On Page optimization
  • Off-Page optimization
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)

On-Page optimization: The on-page optimization is an effective key of the search engine optimization process, where our experts focused on the internal coding, structure and the content of the site to make it fully optimized and resulted it to search engine friendly ranking. Several tactics and strategies are implemented during the process:

  • Keyword research
  • URL optimization
  • Mata tag optimization (rewrite web page title, rewrite meta keywords, rewrite meta tag description)
  • Heading tag (H1 tag)
  • Content optimization (footer link)
  • Image optimization
  • Site navigation (including folders & sub-folders of product categories)
  • Internal linking (footer link)
  • Site map creation
  • Feed creation (RSS feed)

As a result of on-page optimization, the SBC turned fully flourished with search engine friendly navigation, HTML validation, reduced page-uploading time, W3C validated well-optimized codes, and content layout/ template optimized web pages.

Off-Page optimization: The major part (around 80%) of the success is dependent upon the off-page optimization process, so after the successful on-page results, our SEO specialists implemented their off-page SEO tactics to provide the SBC, a great niche in the respective internet market. In order to provide powerful backlinks, our experts performed varied steps to gain external links, such as

  • Content Marketing
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Social bookmarking
  • PPC campaigning
  • Social networking
  • RSS Feeds
  • Search engine submissions

Soon after the off-page optimization, the SBC started gaining better ranking in the search engine results performed under Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Online Reputation Management: Simultaneously with off-page work, our web-marketing experts worked upon branding and advertisement process for the site to build a rich source of communication with the target audiences and attain quality traffic for the site. For this reason, our experts followed varied types of advertisement strategies including:

  • Content management
  • Email marketing
  • Local search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Internet advertisement
  • Mobile marketing

Results Time

Within a time frame of 3-6 months, the SBC was highly acquainted among the local target audiences (Delhi/ NCR) and resulted in huge quality traffic (on an average of 2,00,000 per month) with increased conversion rate (1000 leads per/ month). Today, the website has positive reviews & site branding, and even the popular products of the site ranks well on the search engine results that gave a successful online presence along with satisfying the sheer client expectations.

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