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Swimcapz is a Canada based custom swimcap online store rendering its customers the fully customized swimming cap solutions. The service provider facilitates a powerful online design tool that lets the customers design the swim caps for every swim event and serves them for bulk design too.

Client: Swimcapz Website: http://www.swimcapz.com/


The client (swimcaps.com) contacted us with having strong aspiration to cater its customers globally, majorly covering the geographic locations for US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Being dissatisfied with the previous SEO service provider, the client deemed on us to carry out the web-marketing operations for their site.

When the site was handed-over to us, our Better Graph’s experts firstly performed website analysis to study the website profoundly and reach to the critical issues hindering the website’s growth. For this reason, the client approached us to attain professional SEO solution that improves the organic search traffic. The major concerned that were impeding the website’s traffic were:

  • Home page navigation structure
  • Meta tag issues
  • Site map creation
  • Content optimization

Our life-saving solutions to the business problem

In order to provide ceaseless growth for Swim Capz through organic search results, our Better Graph experts ran two campaigns simultaneously, i.e. on-page optimization and off-page optimization processes along with social media optimization.

Strategies implemented

Our experts performed an array of proven SEO tactics to deliver increase organic search results. Therefore our experts executed beneath web-marketing strategies successfully.

  • Website optimization
  • Competitive keyword analysis and optimization
  • Ensures cross browser compatibility
  • Home page optimization of the code
  • Search engine friendly site navigation
  • Landing page analysis
  • Social media optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Blog commenting

Results Time

After a time period of 5-6 months, a remarkable growth was measured in the traffic from the most potential business keywords that ranked on Google’s top page results. As a result, the site experienced:

  • Massive traffic growth soon after implementing the on-page optimization techniques
  • Increased growth of potential visitors that leads to increased ROI.

The client is extremely pleased with offered results as the strong keywords for the business were ranking on top #1 in search engine results, which has given an unprecedented visibility to the website.

Swimcapz Case Study
swimcapz facebook marketing strategies
increase in website traffic
increase in conversion rate
swimcapz search ranking

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