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Website Page Speed Suggestion In Google Analytics

Today, the online marketplace has become competitive. Therefore, to stay ahead, no stone should be left unturned. For this, it is required to implement every possible aspect, such as superb website speed, mobile-oriented user experience, relevant content with proper design and many things. Among these, website speed is one of the most important features that every webmaster should consider.
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The speed of the website is the key metric for calculating the performance of the website. If the speed of the website is good, then that website will definitely get the better response from the online visitors. Secondly, it will become easy for the webmaster to enhance the presence of the business in the digital world. To improve the speed of the website, there are various tools in the market that provide insight to the web pages speed, so that websites’ owners can easily improve it. For helping the webmasters, even the Google Analytics has also launched the special feature that is “Speed Suggestion” under “Site Speed” menu.
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Brief Overview About Speed Suggestion

The Speed Suggestions provide the report that presents the “average loading time for the top visited webpages of the website” as well as the suggestions in terms of improving speed of the pages with the help of PageSpeed Insights tool.

This PageSpeed Insights tool scrutinizes the web page’s content. After analysis, it provides score & suggestions. The score represents the quality of the page. The nearer the score is to 100, the better is the quality of the page. In the Speed suggestion report, various suggestion links are listed that direct the users to the page drafted with different suggestions (sorted according to the site speed).

How To Access Speed Suggestion

For accessing the speed suggestion report in Google Analytics, the users have to follow the below given steps:

1. Go to the Behavior, then Content and then, Site Speed section. There you will get Speed suggestion option.
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2. Click on the Speed Suggestions column for seeing the Speed suggestion report.
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3. Click on the Page Time for the page that you want to enhance.
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4. The PageSpeed Insights page will open. In the left-hand navigation, click the links for accessing the suggestions regarding improvement of specific page.

The suggestions give the detailed pictures, covering what steps should be taken to optimize the page and why those steps are important.

If there is a “Help” in the PageSpeed Suggestions, then this means that Google Analytics is unable to scrutinize the webpage at the given URL. Hence, it is better to try again later. If it is showing same error again, then it may be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Configuring invalid hostname in the View Setting.
  • Using wrong URLs for the website
  • Tracking multiple subdomains, without using a single hostname.
  • Requirement of authentication.


Most of the web pages comprise dynamic content, like ads that change when the webpage is loaded. Therefore, the suggestions & score that you witness on your page in Google Analytics may change.


The page speed suggestion is the best tool for you to optimize the speed of your website. If you have any doubt regarding this tool, then you can share with us with the help of comment section given below. We will try to solve it for you.

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