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How To Use Quora For Bringing 10000 Visits To Your Websites

Quora is the question & answer based website that comes with thread based feature. Here, the users publish the question with the help of thread and answerers post their solution. There is an Upvote feature with the answer that just works like “+1” in Gmail and “Like” in Facebook. The answer that gets maximum Upvotes will be seen at the top of all the threads. It is just like a Yahoo Answer that possesses the social media behavior.

Using Quora To Direct Visitors To Your Website

Quora analytics

Before finding that how Quora is helpful to direct the visitors to your website, you should also know that for what kind of website this Question & Answer platform can be helpful. Let’s have a glimpse below:

1. The e-commerce websites that deal in selling the products (tangible and intangible)

2. Websites that is associated with content publishing, Ad publishers and affiliate sites.

3. Blogging websites, so that the bloggers can establish themselves as subject matter expert.

The simplest way to get your website noticed is to give solution (embedded with links to your website) of the question that is associated with your niche and have maximum Upvotes.

Here is the detailed explanation of the above process that states how can you direct the maximum users to your website.

I. Set Up Proper Profile With All Relevant Information

Quora profile

First of all, you have to create your account and fill up all your profile fields with relevant information that describes your niche and expertise level clearly. Invest your time and strive to make it better because lots of people will view your profile. Moreover, it will enable your content to perform effectively.

II. Identify The Suitable Thread

How To Search in Ques. in quora

Find the suitable thread that is having huge attention, you can evaluate this with the help of number of upvotes. The thread that is having maximum number of upvotes also possesses huge attention. You just need to type the main topic in the search bar, then you will witness the list of threads. Select the thread that perfectly matches your niche and has maximum upvotes.

III. Give the Valuable Response

After getting the perfect thread, give the valuable response that can grab the attention toward your answer. You should take care of grammar and proper format, so that readers can understand your answer well. Moreover, do not copy and paste others’ solution as this will devalue your profile’s reputation.

IV. Get Maximum Upvotes

popular question in quora

In order to get maximum Upvotes organically, you should make your content engaging & useful. If you want to grab maximum attention in minimum time, you can take the help of vendors that sells Upvotes but you should be aware of your vendors’ key information.

Remember that you should not go against the terms and condition of Quora and do not use any spammy technique.


Quora is the great platform, where your answer will remain at the top if it is popular among the threads. Hope that this will help you deliver the maximum traffic toward your website.

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