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Why to Upgrade LinkedIn Account: Explore Important Reasons

LinkedIn has become the famous business-centric social networking website. Since inception in 2003, it has got billions of new users from all around the world. It provides free and premium services. According to sources, most of the people do not know about the benefits of premium service by LinkedIn. The premium services empower the users with various functionality that not only ease the way for the users to do the business effectively, but also provide amazing facilities, such as:
Linkedin Business Plan

Let’s Explore Superb Facilities By LinkedIn:

1. InMails per Month

An InMail is a powerful mailing platform in LinkedIn that allows the users to send mail directly to the person, who is in your network. This feature can save your lot of time. Secondly, it is a secure platform because there is minimum chance of getting spammy or cold email.
This feature also helps sender checkout the profile of the users ( to whom he will send the message) instantly. On the other hand, receiver can also checkout the sender’s profile instantly.
There is one more interesting thing about this feature, if the users do not get reply in 7 days, then the LinkedIn will repay the credit to their account. That means, you will get the refund.

2. Profile Organizer

Profile Organizer is superb tool for organizing the documents that comprise the profile. This feature allows the users to create the folders and save the profile documents. This feature can save your lot of time during the recruitment process because here you do not need to process the “Search” again and again to find the suitable profile. Moreover, it also allows you to develop notes and develop the contact details. All this information, you can set in such a way that these are only visible to you. By using this Organizer tool, you can checkout the message detail that you have sent before.
Profile Organizer

3. Premium Search Filters

The Premium Search Filters help you find out the exact profile that you are looking for. This search technology brings the result on the basis of Function (job title), year of experience and seniority level (director, manager, etc). At first, it takes your time because you need to set the criteria, but after setting the criteria you will get desirable result in minimum time without any hassle. This search function is identified with gold logo.
Premium Search Filter

4. Profiles per Search

With the help of premium service, you can access the 1000 results per search. On the other hand the free version can get 100 results per search. When the users use the Pro account, then they will get a thousand result at their front page, this will save time for you.
Profile Per search

5. Saved Search Alerts

This feature sends the notification to the user through the email process. It works similar to Google alert. It works on real time basis. Suppose, the users has changed the job role or any new user has recently joined the LinkedIn and their profile matches your criteria, then this feature will send the notification to you regarding this information.
Saved Search

6. Introduction Requests

With the premium service, you can send around 50 introduction messages. The introduction feature is also available with free account, but has some limit.
Introduction Request
This feature enables the users to send a message to the person (who is not in your network) with the help of person you are connected to. The users can send the introduction to the people, who are in their second as well as third degree network.

7. Profile Stats

The Profile Stats gives you the perfect pictures that state how people are getting to you. This feature basically states that who has seen your profile, what keywords they have used and number of times, your profile has been searched in the search bar. On the basis of this information you can change your profile, so that you can enhance the search.
Profile stats
Note that you will only be able to see the searchers’ profile, if they have not opted option of anonymous user.

8. Expanded View

The Expanded View showcases the full name of the persons, who are in your third degree connection. Generally, we search for the person, who is not in our network, then the LinkedIn shows the result comprising PRIVATE. This happens not only in free version, but also in upgraded version too. This means that no person is eligible to checkout the expanded profiles of any person on LinkedIn.
But with premium feature, you will be able to see the full name of person in third-degree connections, while with the free service, the user can only see the first name and last initial..
Expand view

9. Open Link

The Open Link enables the people to directly contact the users without using an introduction message or InMail service. You can easily disable it. It is free and easy-to-use feature.
Open Link Network

10. Sneak Peeks

The Sneak Peeks feature gives the introduction regarding the new features that are going to be released. If you like it, you can use it.
The wonderful feature of upgraded version is that there is no contract. This means, whenever the users want to use the service, they can use it. At anytime, they feel bored with the service they shift to the free account.
Sneak Peak


All these premium features provide valuable service. They can speed up your business. Moreover, they have been tagged with effective price, so that you can get the best service at the best price.

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