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How to Improve User Experience with UX Optimization

User Experience Optimization
Emergence of new tactics is seen every day to ape up the search engine rankings. Business owners, marketers and SEOs keep on looking for better strategies to position their respective websites. Amid this tussle, the word UEO is echoing our ears.

How User Experience Optimization(UEO) is defined!

The prime focus of UEO is to optimize user experience with the content. User Engagement Optimization is thoroughly used for collateral and digital marketing materials which is vital to lure potential clients. Due to having wide dynamics, UEO practice area is marked different from SEO. Keeping the present scenario in mind, businesses that do not have UEO as a part of their digital marketing campaigns, they are likely to lag behind their desired goals or objectives.

SEO vs UEO, Who Emerges as the Winner?

UEO, which is relative to SEO, has recently knocked the online world. For optimizing online user engagement, businesses are supposed to use gathered information about the preferences & behavioral patterns of their targeted audience. This further leads them to give better experiences, functionality and features on their websites so that more customers will incline to their business and build long-term relationship.

Stats always turn out to be more reliable, so we can understand things better with statistics:

Optimized web pages come with better conversion rate (29%) as compared to non-optimized (11%). Merely one second prolonged website loading cause 11% drop in page viewing, 16% in customer satisfaction and 7% in conversions. Google algorithms updates also stress on user experience, page load speed, user engagement, etc.

SEO revolves around certain factors incorporating designing websites, creating links & developing content in a way that the site is optimized for search engine algorithm (search engine optimization). To elevate search score, images, content, tags and website design are improved. Though there are a number of ranking factors, some of them have been listed below:

  • Quality of content & its relevance in search query
  • Effective page loading speed
  • Meta tags & website coding
  • Keyword use in title, domain names & website content
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Social signals & many more

Like SEO, UEO is also incorporated with various factors such as likeness, trust, use of images, positioning of words, style of writing and title of the content. The prime aim is to keep the visitors captivated with video, article, content, etc. Here are some common UEO factors of user engagement:

  • Cost per click
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Unique sessions of users
  • Conversion rate of sales
  • Spent time on the website
  • Page viewed per session or person
  • Total number of shares, likes and so on.

If we are to declare winner, then it can be said that both are quite crucial for any digital marketing campaign in order to connect with the target audience. Both focus on different audience, a machine in search engine optimization is referred as a person in UEO (User Engagement Optimization). A few things can be seen overlapped like good title for an article, displaying social signals (shares, likes or views) via social media websites, and many more.

Still, if we have to choose only one winner, then it would apparently UEO. With this approach, everything can go right in on-site search engine ranking. But, make sure content is meaningful as it lets you win half of the battle. User Engagement Optimization is booming a lot, but SEO certainly cannot be considered dead. Search Engine Optimization is going to last and is the most useful in terms of assisting businesses to remain in the competitive online world.

Is the Future of SEO Going to End?

These days, search engine optimization is doing away with the typical flaws with more stress on User Engagement Optimization. With UEO, it is certainly more feasible to develop a website that offers useful & meaningful content, which has been optimized for user experience. There are some dishonest SEOs, who attempt to earn more with deceptive tricks. But, UEO will help search engines include more human originated data in the algorithms, which will lead to a considerable fall in the practice of tricking search engines.

Thus, User Experience Optimization is endeavoring to work in collaboration with SEO to take the online industry to better respectability and growth. It will not end SEO, but take it to newer horizons.

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