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Tweet Your Link To Get It Indexed By Google

According to the test done by IMEC lab and Stone Temple consulting, it has been discovered that Google may index your link on Twitter. The IMEC and Stone Temple Consulting team have conducted an experiment to find whether Google indexes the tweeted link or not and they discovered the amazing result. Here is the brief description of their experiment.
Tweet Index page
In the experiment, they posted 2 hashtags, including

1. #SEOtechnique (https://www.bettergraph.com/blog/explore-important-seo-technique-will-work-superbly-2015/)
2. #LinkedInMarketing (https://www.bettergraph.com/blog/upgrade-linkedin-account-explore-important-reasons)

Among these 2 web pages, the first one was crawled and indexed, while the second one was not. Below are pictorial presentation that showcases, when and how the pages were crawled and indexed.
Tweet Tested
The “Tweets Sent” column showcases total number of posted Tweets that consist of corresponding Hashtag. Moreover, it also states that what is ranking of social authority from where the tweets were posted. Basically, different tweets from different social authority were posted with the hashtag.
Tweet Test1
The above picture clearly states that the page “#SEOtechnique” was crawled and indexed by the Google bots very soon after it was published. On the other hand, “#LinkedInMarketing” was not crawled and indexed.
What are possible reasons that one page was crawled and listed, while other was not. Let’s have a glimpse over the differences that both the pages possess, so that you can have better idea.

1. Tweet From High Authority People:

The #SEOtechnique page was tweeted by high authority people. This information was gleaned with help of Followerwonk Social Authority.

2. Use Of Different Hashtags

Both of the webpages were linked with different hashtags of different texts. According to their estimation, the tag “#SEOtechnique” would get crawled first, but this did not happen.

3. 2 of the tweets from the #SEOtechnique group were indexed By Google

Among two tweets, one of the webpages, which was associated with “#SEOtechnique” known to be “bettergraph.com”.


Tweet Index graph
From this experiment, it is concluded that Twitter can be the potential platform for indexing the page at Google. It will be good, if you are presenting the newest webpage through tweet. The chances for your webpage to be indexed can be higher, if it is tweeted by the people of higher social authority. Moreover, the webpage of news type will have more priority than others.

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