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Top 6 Ways To Boost Online Sales, Leads & Website Traffic

Every business owner wants to remain ahead of their competitors. Therefore, they are relentlessly busy in increasing their online leads that will result in optimizing sales in the online marketplace. While enhancing leads, many business owners sometimes adopt ineffective strategies that put their business in jeopardizing state.

Online Sales

Let’s Have a Glance Over The 6 Strategic Tips

1. Understand Your Audience

Converion Ratio

Audience plays a key role in pushing the business. Before preparing any content or post for your website and social media page, you should know your audience very well. You can take the help of community website, social media and other websites to study the demographics. Moreover, you should ensure that whatever you are presenting through your website content, it should be interpretable for your audience easily.

2. Define All Website’s Elements Appropriately

Your business website reflects everything about your business. The functioning of your website impacts the visitor’s opinion about your business. If your website provides the best user-experience as the visitors expected, then it is fine. But, if visitors feel annoyed by your website, then this will give birth to negative thoughts about your business in the mind of the visitors.

Now you are thinking that what important elements, everyone should define properly in the website. Here is the list:

I. Navigation:Checkout that, whether the navigation system of the website is working fine or not. You should make sure that there is no broken link in your website.

II.Interface Design: Interface design should be properly structured with good colors, so that there is no problem for the visitors in reading the message.

III.Buttons: Embed proper caption with your button, so that the visitors will easily understand and know what happens next after pressing the button.

All these elements (if properly deployed) can help you generate leads and improve the website traffic.

3. Interact With Audience

Interact with your audience through social media, community website & other websites and share ideas about your products and services with your audience. It will be good, if you educate them regarding your products, this will make them understand the importance of your services. Moreover, it will also boost the sale because the customers will not face any confusion while buying your products.

4. Set Up Blogging Page

Blog is the best platform to be connected with the audience. Therefore, it is better to set up your blog (if you do not have) and keep it updated with a great content timely. Remember that you should make the content valuable, so that the visitors come to your website.

5. Build Trust In Customer

In the digital world, it is not easy to build trusted relationship with a new customer. You should ask for the testimonials, feedback & review from the existing customers and put them on your website. It is also better, if you describe the certification that your business has got as it will make it easy to build the trusted relationship between your business and new customers.

6. Use Proper Measurement Strategy

Without proper measurement, you cannot identify how your marketing is going. It is better to use Google Analytics in order to understand the conversion rate and traffic flow. In this way, you will be to know that what changes should be done in the website, so that the conversion can be increased.


Hope that all these tips will surely help you improve your sales, leads and website traffic. If you find any tip confusing or you want to share something related to this blog, you can share that at the comment section given below.

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  •   Sunny - January 26, 2016 @ 1:32 pm

    BetteGraph has really opened our eyes in evaluate to how to full charge our website. We had been meet a predictable flow of web leads, but that grew exponentially after BetterGraph optimized our web site. We tested their work efficiency in one of our divisions, and are now develop the scope and starting to work on the other. They really get it, and they supplement their web expertise with very good business sense and appreciable customer service.

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  •   Matt LaClear - March 29, 2015 @ 3:51 am

    Very helpful article. I would add that learning how to properly set up Google Analytics to track goals is an absolute must. It’s one thing to have it set up to record how many visitors your site receives every day. But how many of those visitors stayed on your site and read your content? Or how many visited your contact us page and filled the form out? Having that info handy makes it easy to figure out what site improvements you need to make and which of your traffic sources is the most profitable. The best way I know to learn how to set up goals is to take Google’s free analytics certification course.

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