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Top 4 Ways to Measure Your SEO Efforts

SEO Efforts

The way the SEO performance was measured has revolutionized progressively in the past recent years. The advanced SEO metric tools have been evolved by which the clients can also keep a complete record of their SEO campaigns in just no time and trouble. However, it is also significant to know what factors influence your website’s growth that you need to measure in the provided tool. The featured post could be a helpful guide to discover the top

Target Potential Keywords

Target your keyword

Alas! It would be a big trouble for your SEO campaign if you are employing poor keywords again and again. So, how will you measure that which keyword is benefiting to your site and which is not? The Google Analytics tool incorporates of keyword rank tracking feature that can help you in evaluating the ranking of your keyword in the search result. When your targeted keywords are competent to increase the visibility of the site then you may sit assured that your campaign is going right way.

Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic

The thing that will mutually progress with your campaign is the traffic that reaches to the website. This could be one of the precise metrics to measure your campaign’s success. For any campaign, the initial objective would be gain more visibility in order to receive more traffic to the site and thereby ensures that your website functions effectively. Bing Webmaster and Google Analytics are some of the popular tools provided online to ascertain your campaign’s effectiveness and performance.

Level of Engagement

Level of Engagement

Want to know how much time do the visitors spend on your site? What tempts them in your site? In short, is your site capable to engage the first-time visitors? These are the topmost anxious queries of the clients about the status for their online campaigns. By logging to the Google Analytic tool, you can check the level of engagement on your site that how many visitors are landing on your home page, inner pages, order page etc. Which page is highly attractive to the audience, where they move next, and which page lead them to exit. All this can be evaluated effective through the activity map.

Bounce Flow

Bounce Flow

So disappointing for a website that is incapable to grab the audience’s attention! But, if you know from where (the web page) your visitors take exit from the site, can help you in gaining them back by getting that page optimized accordingly. The higher bouncing rates are, the lower your visitors’ interests in and consequently the Google will review your site, i.e. with setting poor quality. So it becomes essential to arrest your users’ attention at least for 10 seconds long, to lead improved results.

Don’t forget!

These are just the basic metrics to set a good start for your online SEO campaign. And yes, don’t forget that these factors will be effective only if you merge them with your predetermined business objectives.

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