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Top 15 Tools & Apps for Instagram Marketing in 2018

instagram marketing
As more than 150 million users are sharing photos and videos on Instagram every day, it can be said that Instagram has also become a quite huge platform as compared to other social media websites. In fact, this platform has become a momentous spot for the businesses to establish their brand image, promote products and deploy marketing prolifically.

In today’s competitive scenario, the value for time and money should never be neglected. The marketers should adopt the new technologies in order to do the best. And, the same thing is applied to the Instagram marketing strategy, In an attempt to achieve the best outcome, the business runners should deploy the usage of tools and applications for executing marketing on Instagram.

Best Tools For Instagram Marketing


ICONOSQUER is a brilliantly designed application compatible with Instagram. This tool enables the users to easily explore the metrics aspects, such as total number of likes, photos with most number of likes, average number of likes, total number of comments per photos, growth chart of your followers, and other quantities. This tool provides the chart in a beautiful graphics that eases the way for the users to glean information from the chart instantly.

2. Canva

Canva is an online designing application that empowers the users to create different designs. The designing application comes with various functions that can minimize the efforts of the users in developing the best images for the Instagram. There are photo effects, free icon, Vignette, photo frame effects, photo blur, stickers, and many more. All these features help you develop the better than the best images. At top of these features, this tool supports easy-to-use dashboard.

3.  Aviary

Aviary is a brilliantly designed photo and image editing tool that comes with high-end functionality. It has lots of amazing features that can help the users go beyond the possibilities. This is easy to install and configure the app for multiple mobile platforms, like iOS and Android. Being loaded with various features, it works as an imaginative canvas for all the users. This app features photo filter, frames, and graphics that provide the end-users with the incredible capabilities.

4.  crowdfireapp

Crowdfire, a superbly developed application that assists the users to efficiently manage Instagram and Twitter accounts. This application helps the account holders spot the relevant users (that are meant to be followed), monitor the effects of social media updates on followers/non-followers stats and find out inactive users. Along with these functions, the users can check the relationship between Twitter and Instagram account.

5. later

Latergrame is a kind of post publisher that basically publishes the post according to the schedule set by the end-users. It has a superbly designed dashboard, which allows the users to maintain and schedule different contents at the utmost ease. Along with this, the users have the capability to manage multiple Instagram accounts from any device and platform, including smartphone, tablet, Android, iPhone, and desktop.

6.  PicFrame
PicFrame, a feature-rich picture editing platform, comes with numerous functions to allow the users to craft the frame, style, graphics and shape of the images. This tools supports around 73 adjustable frames, the text table, graphics effects, color picker, high resolution, photo sharing functionality, and many more. This application features cross-platform compatibility supports. That means it can be accessed through BlackBerry, Android, iOS and MAC.

7.  Piqora

Piqora is an advanced analytics tool that can basically analyze the images and hashtags in terms of performance. This features content management functionality so that the users can easily manage the content. It is one of the best tools that bridge the gap between the users and their audience. Piqora comes with promotion management functionality that helps your community to grow. This platform allows the users to manage conversation and lot of things.

8.   snapwidget

Snapwidget is a kind of Instagram widget, which has been designed to embed the images and videos (photo gallery) directly from the Instagram on the websites or blogs. It features ready-to-go installation that requires minimal configuration. There is a tutorial page on the official website, which provides knowledge on how to use this platform seamlessly.

9.  tagboard

Tagboard is an advanced content management functionality that is highly safe, easy and fast. It enables the users to block the offensive post and comments. There is keyword filter that helps the account holder promote & remove the post. Moreover, it eases the way to find out the popular hashtags and the posts from the different social networking sites. It eases the interactivity for the users. That means the users can post comment and like the page right from the Tagboard.

10.  curalate

Curalate is a kind of business tool that is highly instrumental in managing various aspects in your account. The tool is loaded with varied features that can assist the users in improving the conversion rate and enhance the list of followers. This tool helps the Instagram users bring more traffic. There is an image analytics functionality that evaluates various aspects of the image performance. The users can also monitor ROI comfortably. Also, the users can even schedule a post on the Instagram with the help of this tool.

11.  klear

For smarter marketing, Klear is one of the best tools. This tool helps the marketing professionals analyze and monitor various significant data sets that will be helpful in building healthy relationship with the audience and bringing more relevant followers. The tool has been designed with feature-rich and interactive dashboard for providing better experience to the end-users. This platform assists the users in finding the relevant influencer in their own niches. Through this, the users can even measure the ROI and other aspects easily.

12.  InstaFollow

InstaFollow is an iPhone and iPad application that has been designed to bring relevant followers and to find our the relevant audience (that is to be followed) on the Instagram. It is highly ready-to-use and install. Moreover, it also helps you manage the number of active followers and fans. The users can add and manage the multiple accounts. This application does not require any configuration.

13.  ScheduGram

ScheduGram is an advanced application that has been designed to manage various features of Instagram at the utmost ease. It comes with scheduling feature that enables the user to schedule date and timing of the post to be visible on the Instagram profile. Here, it enables the multiple users to manage the same account. Besides these features, even the multiple accounts can also be managed by this application.

14.  Over

Over is a superbly designed mobile application for Android and iOS. This helps you craft Instagram post loaded with creativity that can convey the meaningful messages to the visitors. This supports an array of multifarious fonts that can make the quote or text on the images look beautiful.

15.  redcact

Repost is a ready-to-go application that empowers the users to post varied Instagram photos and images at ease. Just like retweet, Repost helps in reposting the images & videos that the users like. Here the users can also repost the content from the feed and like. Even the content that is very popular can also be reposted comfortably. Along with this, the end-users have the capability to search for the amazing photos by using the hashtag.

The Final Thought

Today in order to establish the business in the digital marketplace, the business runners should never leave any stone unturned. Besides social media marketing, they should also invest some time in Instagram marketing because Instagram is the hub of millions of users, who daily post and share images. And, for successful mobile marketing on Instagram, the marketers should deploy the trending tools that are mentioned above.

Top 15 Tools & Apps for Instagram Marketing in 2018, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  •   Troy - January 10, 2018 @ 7:35 pm

    Great list!
    Maybe you could include one more Instagram tool for marketing – Snoopreport https://snoopreport.com. It tracks user actions on Instagram as likes, comments and follows and provides weekly and monthly reports with metrics that help to research user insights and update a marketing strategy

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  •   Tiffany - January 6, 2018 @ 1:25 pm

    Great post! In addition to the list, you can check your engagement rate at Phlanx platform and see if there’s a need of improvement: phlanx.com/engagement-calculator

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  •   Mary Lee - September 5, 2017 @ 4:34 pm

    Hey! It was a fantastic post! thank you for your advice, thanks to you I got a list of excellent promotion bots, also I want to add instanobel.com to this list ! you can check it yourself.

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