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Think Beyond Google: Marketing Tips For Webmasters in 2018

Top 10 Marketing Tips

Being an SEO or digital marketing professional, there is always an objective to gain the potential web traffic that can be helpful in lead generation and boosting sales for the business. Although designing the policy that revolves around Google is helpful, it cannot bring the web traffic at consistent rate. There is a requirement to go beyond Google. That means, for sustainable growth, every SEO should consider other online platforms and different strategies besides focusing on Google-centric policy.

There are various ways that can bring consistent web traffic to your website and ensure prolific growth:

1. Integrate Social Media “Likes” and “Share”

Embed social media button

Embed social media features, such as Like and Share with your blog post or content. This will help the users identify quality and value of their content. By embedding these features, the content will get more visibility and this will open up the gateway to a new market for the business.

If the platform does not allow embedding the social media or it is difficult to integrate, then it is better to post the part of the blog with link at the social media page, so that the users who want to read the whole blog can click the link and get connected with the blogging content.

2.Use Quora For Gaining Cumulative Traffic

Quora feed

Like Yahoo Answer, Quora is also questions and answers website with social media feature. It is a superb platform to share question or answer. The major benefit of posting on this platform is persistency. Here the post can persist for longer time. Hence, every new visitor can have a glance to the post that will help the business gain cumulative traffic.

Moreover, this platform allows attaching links. It prevents the trolling, thus it will maintain business online reputation. Here the users can also measure the influence. This is the best place to cumulate traffic.

3.Bring Traffic By Guest Blog

Bring Traffic By Guest Blog

The valuable content in the guest blog can enable the user to bring referral web traffic. But, it is imperative to remember that the place, where the guest blog is posted should have superb authority and page rank. The guest blog should be informative and has been stuffed with the keyword properly. Besides this, the content should be based on the idea of the platform (where it is posted).

4. Post Effective Comments

Post Effective Comments

Write comments for the blog and participate in different forum as well as communities. When posting the comment, it should be taken care that the comments is informative and has the ability to drive other users to participate in the comment sections. The users can also place the link to the content with comments only if they find difficulty in explaining their statements. The effective comments with links can also be a source of huge web traffic.

5. Publish Press Releases

Publish Press Releases

The press release or PR can be a great source of web traffic, but here there is a requirement to consider various essential elements, such as:

I. PR should not be based on marketing, such as discount offer or launching of new products. In fact, it should consist of story that can influence the journalist to gain knowledge about the business, so that they can share the information regarding the business.

II. It is also important that the press releases should not be published only on the PR website. Instead, it will be great to get the PR published on reputed or major publication platform.

III. The PR should have the content that can easily answer all the questions of journalist. It is better if the content has superb quality images and other media files, so that the journalists can share the story in their publication industry.

6. Include Link In Email Signature

Include Link In Email Signature

By including the link to the informative resource in email signature can also improve the possibility of gaining the web traffic, whenever the users send email to their clients. Not only the email signature should be considered, but also the signature on the community website should have the link to the informative resource.

7. Subscribe At Pinterest

Subscribe At Pinterest

Pinterest has now become the huge stock of images, where millions of people post different pictures associated with their businesses or personal life. It is a great platform to bring referral traffic because here the persistence is higher. Moreover, it is easy to pin or repin the images. While using this platform for bringing web traffic, it should be remembered that the pinned image should be unique and has high quality.

The users can also embed the Pinterest’s feature with the image in the blogs, so that the visitors can easily share it. Secondly, it will also enable the online visitors on this platform to reach to the blogging source and the business website. Thus, try to include the image in every blog and pin that unique image at Pinterest.

8. Create Content For YouTube

YouTube is the second most used search engine. According to the survey, it has been evaluated that this video based search engine is becoming more popular than Facebook among teens. Moreover, YouTube is the best source of the referral traffic for long term. The links that are embedded with video content on this platform tend to bring more visitors to the websites because this is designed as a discovery platform, where the video content can reside for longer time.

Moreover, as the small unit of organization are using this platform, therefore competition associated with keywords is lower here. This further helps the users choose the best keyword and rank their contents.

9. Introduce Gamification In Your Content

Gamification In Your Content

Gamification can be helpful in terms of gaining the web traffic. Nowadays, many people are busier in game than reading blogs. Gamification will not work for all the businesses. There are various things where designing game can be useful, like funneling web traffic and generating leads with email subscription. The use of game can be made more successful, if following things are taken care of:

I. There is no need to include more and more levels or bets unless there is an objective because by implementing more levels will affect the productivity.

II. Provide valuable awards to the users, who wins the game. The valuable awards can be discount offer, free subscription and many more. This will inspire more people to participate.

III. The games should describe the concept of the business clearly.

10. Inbound Marketing With PPC Ads


Google AdWords can be helpful for achieving exposure successfully and prolifically. The users should need to consider the basic aspects while structuring the PPC Ads, such as:

I. Use proper keyword that can convert the users into the customer. Avoid using keywords, like “Free” as this can bring more clicks, but conversion is lower.

II. Keep an eye on the performance of every keyword and make the required changes to the keyword.

III. Launch different landing pages for every search query.

11. Participate In Forum

Participate In Forum

Forum can be a great place, where the business can find the potential audience. As per report, around 40% of the social media users visit forum every day while 62% go once a week. Hence, this can be a destination for many business professional to connect with the relevant audience. Most of the users think that it not a great place for SEO purpose because of no-followed links, which is not good. Indeed, it is a great place, where the users can easily reach to the audience in minimum time.

12. Prepare Slides For Slideshare

Prepare Slides For Slideshare

Slideshsare is a stop-shop destination for presenting slides. If all the slides are properly structured and implemented, then the slideshare can be a great source of referral traffic. The most important thing that every user should consider is, build the best introduction page for the slide that can stun the readers and entice them to read the content.

Embed the presentation with every blog and social media page, so that more traffic can flow towards the blogs. It is also better to integrate call-to-action feature with the presentation. In every slide, the users should implement the creative images and Bullet or Number system. The most important thing is, the users should follow the rules that are implemented by Slideshare.

All the webmasters have to think beyond Google

In terms of gaining the web traffic prolifically and effectively with long term impact, all the above given tips can definitely help. It is not good to just focus on Google-centric approach.

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