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Importance of Application Store Optimization in 2018- List of the Top 10 ASO Tools

Application store optimization (ASO) is a systematic process to enhance the visibility of any application in the app stores (like Google Play, Blackberry World, iTunes, etc.) so that the potential customers can find the desired app.


Increase in the number of applications has given birth to the challenging scenario for the most of the businesses, who are going to launch app and want to be a part of growing mobile app world. Since the advent of application store, it has been found that billions of apps have been downloaded. And, in fact, the number of application has crossed million. Owing to this, the application store has become congested.

Therefore, if any business is thinking of launching an app successfully, then it is necessary to deploy certain initiatives that tend to place the application at the topmost ranking. And, the best way is, implementing ASO as early as possible.

Overview About ASO

ASO is short form of “Application Store Optimization” that is meant for optimizing the rank of the apps in the app store searches. Its overall concept is just like SEO technique that deals with enhancing the visibility of business website in the search engine. On the other hand, ASO is implemented to boost the application’s visibility in order to bring more visitors towards the application so that they can download the app easily. This tends to boost the brand visibility.


Like SEO, in ASO, various attributes are considered to optimize the ranking of the app in the store, which includes, title & description, keywords, rating, users’ review as well as ranking. Title and keywords are the quintessential elements that are used strategically to position the app in top of the ranking. On the other hand, rating and users review can help you gain detailed report regarding the performance of your application in the marketplace.

Why ASO is so Imperative?

In the ocean of mobile apps, it is extremely difficult for the application developers or development organization to list their apps so that maximum audience find and download the apps. Moreover, according to the report, it has been found that more than 60% of the application searches are conducted through app stores.


More importantly, the average number of searched applications are downloaded through application stores. This clearly accentuates that an app store is a great app based marketplace to make the application get searched and installed. Hence, there is a requirement to adopt an approach, like ASO.

List of Top Application Store Optimizations Tools

At present, there are various ASO tools available that can streamline the way for you to implement app optimization prolifically. Let’s have a glimpse below to know more about the tools.



MetricsCat is a wonderful app optimizing tool that provides an insight regarding the status of competitor’s campaign. Along with this, it enables the users to analyze the advertising campaign, discover the best keyword for ranking, and many more. This tool covers various markets such as iOS App Store, Windows Phone, and Google Play. Additionally, it also offers keyword suggestion and insight to the marketing trends.



SearchMan is a famous ASO tool that is meant to offer spectrum of imperative data to help the app developers analyze the suitable keyword for application title and description. Moreover, it also empowers the users to monitor any iOS and Android app search visibility. Additionally, this tool helps the users boost mobile-oriented advertising by implementing the best keywords. There are lots of other benefits that you can find on the official website.

3.App Annie

App Annie

App Annie is an advanced tool with high-end functionality that provides the complete pictures of apps’ usage, users’ engagement with app, retention, audience view about application, app’s sales, ad spend, revenue generation, and much more. Besides this, by using this tool, the users can track the competitor’s performance instantly.

4.Sensor Tower


Sensor Tower is a superbly developed tool that features powerful functionality to empower the users with amazing capabilities so that they can keep an eye on the application marketplace. With the help of this tool, they can scrutinize the trends related to the application. This tool comes with integrated dashboard that reflects stats covering total number downloads, review, and other things.



Appstatics is an ASO tool to analyze and track the performance of your application on different devices including (iPhone, iPad, as well as MAC). This tool comes with the simple interface that enables you to just download it and start using without any hassle. Secondly, the tool also provides the details of the best performing application worldwide seamlessly.



Appnique is a superbly developed tool that helps you increase the chance of your app gets discovered organically. There is an integrated analytics & reporting system that enable the user to assess the performance of user acquisition strategy. Appinque assists the users to analyze the keywords brilliantly. It help the users analyze their competitors in various aspects.



Mopap is a smart tool that comes with multifold functions to carry-out the analysis of user’s behaviour, ranking, and estimation. It has superbly designed dashboard with brilliant functions that offers comprehensive information. There is a brilliant interface that has been developed to streamline the way for the users to monitor status of their application performance in the mobile application market space.



Apptweak is helpful in easing the decision making process related to building strategy for optimizing the rank and number of download for apps. It reviews the every keyword, title, description, and other elements and state effectiveness of the initiative so that the app owners can implement the effective keywords and title. This solution offers detailed reports associated with competitors’ performance, users’ review as well as rating.



Eyso is specially developed to analyze the weakness of mobile app and help the users implement technique to optimize users’ engagement. Moreover, it also enables them to build the optimized marketing strategy that can boost the conversion rate. This also assist to implement the best keyword properly in the content.



AppCode.es is a wonderful tool that can help you market the apps and generate the revenue profitably. Through this tool, you can perform App Store SEO, explore keywords, and monitor your competitors. Moreover, the business owner can also quality check the visibility of the application in the app store.


According to the study, it has been evaluated that every day more than 1000 apps are released. The pace at which number of app is increasing, it has become highly imperative for all the businesses that want to strengthen their brand or generate more profit through mobile application, they have to deploy application store optimization without having any second thought. Do you find it informative? Please share your views about it via comment section given below.

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