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Why You Should Think Of Call Only Ads For Your Advertisement Campaign

Smart phone users
The usage and users of the mobile are mushrooming at fast pace. According to the report, it has been evaluated that:

I. Around 80% of the mobile users prefer their mobile device to shop the products.

II. More than 65% of the smartphone users like to search the businesses on their phone and call them directly.

III. Nearly 82% of the mobile users search the product (that they are going to shop) on their mobile devices.

Overview About Call-Only Ads

Call Only Ads

Call-Only Campaign ads are similar to PPC ads. It has been structured to insist the users for calling the advertiser directly, instead of clicking on an Ad and get directed to the landing page. In the Call-Only ad, the URL of the official website will also be displayed.

Here is the screenshot to access the Call-Only feature from the AdWords. The advertiser just need (needs) to select the ad type that is given in the setting page of Search Network.
Search Only
call only ads in Adwords

Why You Should Add Call-Only Ads In Your Advertising Campaign!

The Call-Only Ads are advantageous for all type of business in many ways:

1. Shortens The Path Of Conversion

With the help of Call-Only Ads feature, the users can directly call the business from the search result. They do not need to go to the business website and search the contact. Therefore, the Call-Only Ads have shortened the conversion process.

2. Ensures Lead Generation

In PPC model, there are some possibilities that the customers will leave the landing page without filling form or pressing the call-to-action. On the other hand, Call-Only Ads will ensure the lead generation because here the users only need to press the call button and after a few seconds, those users will be connected to the business.

3. Optimize The User’s Experience

promient Call to action
By using Call-Only Ads, the business can ensure the pleasing user-experience to their customers. Everyone should make sure that call-support or call-center team is round-the-clock active to hear from the users.

4. Generate Revenue Faster

The Call-Only ads shorten the path of conversion, therefore it can be the best approach to generate the revenue in minimum time.


The Call-Only Ads are the best way to directly connect with the users and convert them into the customers directly. By introducing this feature, Google has removed the barrier between the businesses and their potential customers.

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