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How Sitelinks Play Important Role For SEO

Sitelinks are the links to different web pages of the website that are displayed by Google search engine to make the navigation easier. For example, suppose we type Flipkart in search bar of Google and press search button. This search engine will show.

1. Mobiles
2. Offers
3. Women
4. Login
5. Books
6. Motorola
Mobiles, Offers, Women, Login, Books & Motorola internal Pages are the sitelinks. These links are basically shown by the Google only when the search algorithm consider it necessary. The webmasters cannot add sitelinks manually, but they can demote the links.

The Google algorithm considers various factors while deciding that which sitelinks should be presented. The factors comprise:

1. The total number of times, a particular page is accessed.
2. The time spent by the user on particular page
3. Content on the page.

Purpose Of Sitelinks

The objective behind displaying of Sitelinks is to ease the way for users to navigate the different webpages of the website directly. Google mostly showcases about 3 to 8 sitelinks on search engine result page.

Importance Of Sitelinks For Search Engine Optimization

Sitelinks can provide a great help to your SEO campaign. Let’s have a glance below to explore benefits of Sitelinks for SEO:
1. Enhance Web Presence Of Business: The Sitelinks can optimize the presence of your business in search engine page because they take more space on search engine page. Moreover, it pushes down your competitor’s website presence.
2. Optimize Click-Through rates: The Sitelinks increase CTR (Click-Through Rate) as the online searcher will be able to see all the links.
3.Improve Conversion Rate: They can also improve the conversion rate as the users can directly visit the desired page (like product and service page).
4. Build Trust Between Business & Customer: As the sitelinks provide relevant content, hence it can easily build the trust between business and customer.
Apart from all these things, they also establish good reputation for your business in the online marketplace.

Best Methods To Make Google Presents Sitelinks

Although the webmaster cannot present sitelinks, there are imperative methods that can help you make Google showcase the sitelinks. Below are some imperative tips:
1. Deploy the unique domain and brand name.
2. Give the relevant title to the page.
3. Implement the website with proper navigation title.
4. Post the unique content in the website.
5. Develop proper XML sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tool


Sitelinks play crucial role for SEO. It is not easy to make Google presents your sitelinks. The webmaster should have to implement everything that a good website possesses. After this, there are the chances that sitelinks will be displayed. How was the blog, do you find it informative! Please write to us and share your views about Sitelinks. You can also share your confusion regarding this blog. We will reach you soon.

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