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SEO Audit Report: Find Out Online Performance of Business

At present, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become very much popular among the businesses. The reason is that in today’s digital world, more than half of world’s population is connected to the internet either through smartphone or desktop/laptop. Hence, various businesses have now become very serious about their online visibility. Because, huge online visibility will bring more users to the business & automatically accounts for the profit. There is the invention of concept or model that is (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is defined as the methodologies that deal with technical aspects to boom presence of website or any online content at search engine result page. SEO strategy comprises monitoring, researching, embedding links, and digital marketing.

  • Monitoring

In SEO, monitoring is the huge process. It involves tracking visitors to the current site, frequency of visitor, finding out from which page visitors mostly direct to other online site, evaluating sales, finding out geographical location, i.e. from where visitors are knocking the site, which device is mostly used to access the site, spotting error in the site and lots more.

  • Researching

In Researching, SEO professionals research about quality, the most suitable keywords and the content that will lead to citation and make the website search crawler friendly.

  • Embedding  Links

“Embedding Links” means implicating the links of website at the standard and popular, so that reader can be easily directed to the destination website or the content.

  • Digital Media Marketing

Digital Media Marketing involves the use of social media and multimedia like video, images or audio to promote the brand value and business product/services. Here, the main concern for SEO is to maintain reputation and knowing the feedback from the social media.

SEO Audit Report is the final report that is configured with metrics, demonstrating every aspect connected with the performance of the online business and gives the instant image in the mind of webmaster to how renovate the website for being success at online platform.

Let’s have glimpse over aspect of SEO Audit Report:

Free SEO Audit Report

1. Online Performance Audit

This type of audit report is the simple one that tends to find the criteria to how to improvise sales, visitors and appearance on the internet. Here, it has the record for: how the user’s behavior toward the site, frequency of visitor in particular time stamp & geographic location and from which device they used to view the website.

2. Competitor’s Status Audit

This type of audit report gleans the competitors’ information that how they are performing very we competitor’s performance and strategy they are following.

3. Website Audit

This report gives the glimpse on the error in the website structure, like bigger URL, bad back links, broken links, navigational error as well as the content’s error, if any.

With this detailed reporting, business owner can know their online status and can rectify the website as well as the content accordingly.

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