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Why Responsive Design Useful For Mobile SEO

How Is Responsive Design Suitable For Mobile SEO! The demand for mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) is rapidly increasing. Indeed, these devices have outpaced the desktops’ requirement all over the world. Hence, the volume of web traffic through mobile has also increased. According to the report, the traffic through mobile internet is accounting for more than 40% of the whole traffic. The large ad networks, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter and many other can streamline the way to improve revenue through mobile-centric Ads. Therefore, mobile-friendly website has become the requirement.

Responsive Design For Mobile Friendly

Other Major Reasons To Have Mobile-Friendly Website

The mobile-friendly website can ease the way for marketing professionals to run ad campaign successfully. The ad networks can help you target the mobile users to improve CTR(Click-through Rate).

I. The mobile based websites can help you expand the user base

II. Most of the search engines prioritize the ranking on the basis of “friendliness of mobile website”

III. Which One Is Better Mobile Website Or Responsive Website!

For achieving mobile-friendly websites, the organization can either launch the mobile website or responsive website. Some organizations launch 2 websites, including mobile version and desktop based. On the other hand, some keep only one website of responsive design. According to the study, it was found that responsive design is much better than mobile website. To know more, let’s have a glance below:

1. Provides Consistent User-Experience

The responsive design can provide the better user-experience than the mobile-centric website. Suppose the people share the links of mobile’s version on Facebook, Twitter or other networks. Due to some circumstances, the URL changes. Hence, when the desktop users click that link, then they may be directed to mobile version of the website, which will lead to bad-user experience and this increases bounce rate. On other hand, if that link is for responsive website, then all desktop’s users will get consistent view on their screens.

2. Search Engine Can Easily Rank Responsive Website

Although the search engines & the social website effectively rank the same website content of different URLs (mobile version and desktop version), in some cases these algorithms jeopardize the ranking. This in turn lowers visibility of the website. But, if the website is responsive, then it will be easy for search engine to index the website content and help the business professional get good position at search engine result page.

3. Compatible With The Future Devices

The responsive web design makes the interface interactive through various devices because it can adopt itself according to different shapes and sizes of screens. It does not require any coding for specific device. Therefore, this type of website design can help the marketing professional to gain more visitors easily.

4. Faster & Easier to Implement

The responsive web design is easier to implement. Moreover, as it takes minimum time of the business to launch the website, the business professional can get return on investment easily. The major advantage of responsive web design is, it becomes easier for search engine algorithm to manage the URL. According to report by Bing, it has been found that the responsive website performs better at the search engine result page, even if mobile version of the website is optimized for search engine.

All these points clearly reveal that it is better to have a responsive design than to build a device-specific website. Additionally a lot many tools and technologies have been introduced to simplify this task of creating responsive designs. One such is a responsive checker tool that helps in checking if a website is responsive or not. Post checking the responsiveness, you can head on to responsive designs in your site making it more SEO-friendly.


Responsive web design can boost the marketing campaign of business as it can be easily accessed by millions of users. Moreover, it makes the business search engine friendly.

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