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What We Need To Take Care When We Are Doing SEO Audit!

seo audit

SEO audit is an integral part of whole SEO process. Indeed, without proper auditing nobody can find out how well the SEO strategy is implemented and in the end most of the businesses loose their value in the digital world.

Six Important parameters for SEO Audit:

  • Content
  • Schema
  • Backlinks
  • Title Tag Issues
  • Meta Tag Issues
  • Website Speed


All these 6 parameters play an important role in optimizing the visibility of the websites in the online marketplace. Therefore, while scrutinizing the website in terms of search engine optimization, we have to analyze these parameters carefully. Now, you are wondering that how all these 6 factors can be examined to understand the status of the website. Therefore, this blog presents some of the important tips regarding effective implementation of these attributes.

Let’s Have a Glance Over The Tips:


The content is the most important part of the website. It helps the webmasters provide the better user-experience to the online visitors and build the inbound link naturally. Therefore, when checking the content, the professional should checkout the following things:

a)Structure: The proper structure of the content makes it easy for the online visitors to know about the organization. Therefore, the auditor should check the structure of the content.

b)Keyword: The content should not be equipped with improper keywords stuffing. In fact, it should be prepared clearly in the interest of online readers. Thus, it is necessary to check, whether the content is valuable for the readers or not.

c)Internal linking: The internal linking in the content improves the readability and decreases the bounce rate. Therefore, the professional should make sure that there is no break in the link.

2. Schema:

In order to get the web traffic from organic ranking, it is imperative that there should be the proper use of relevant tags. The relevant tags define the structure of the content and help web crawler read the content and bring it to the relevant users. The SEO auditor should examine the usage of tag in the content.


The websites’overall backlink profile is one of the most important parts of SEO. It will be good, if the backlink comprises the link from the relevant sources & article and the reputed organizations. For example, if there is a health related website, then it is obvious that its backlink portfolio entails the links from the health organization or the article that is promoting some health related information. The auditor should examine all these things carefully.

4.Title Tag Issues:

The title tag should be defined with proper keywords, so that it can entice the users as well as get the good ranking in search engine page. The SEO professional should examine title tag and improve it, if necessary.

5.Meta Tag Option:

The proper use of meta titles & meta descriptions is imperative for the search engine optimization. The Meta titles or descriptions that are missing from the websites can affect keyword rankings badly. Secondly, this can make the online users to be less likely to visit the website because there is no text on the page that describes the website.

6.Website Speed:

The website speed is not the part of SEO, but it plays an important role in Google’s ranking system. It defines the User-Experience. According to the study, the mobile phones’ users want that the website should be loaded in maximum 3 sec. Therefore, this factor should be analyzed properly.


Hope that your are now aware of some of the important factors that should be considered in SEO auditing process. If you have any confusion regarding this blog, you can share it by writing at the comment section given below.

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