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How mobile marketing strategies help to promote brand value

Nowadays, marketing has crossed every limit to promote the business brand. The advent of smartphones or mobile computing gadgets is gradually transforming the online marketing strategy to mobile marketing because:
1. More than half of worlds population is having the smartphone that has very easy and fast access to the internet.
2. Mobile device ensures 24/7 instant connectivity of users to the business.
3. More than 70% of users are using the mobile devices for shopping and transaction.
4. Mobile Marketing has allowed the users to analyze the marketing status of the business at ease.

Mobile Marketing Trends


Basic Tips to Deploy Mobile Marketing Strategies

1. Define Exclusive & Simple Content: Try to implement the fresh content in the message. Never put up the same idea as your competitor is following. Using same format message will bore the readers and they can regret the message.

2. Make the Email & Website Completely Responsive: Deploy business web app or website fully responsive to every display screen. This will enhance the user interface and hence, boost experience.

3. Never Use Large Size Flashing Image: Implementing image at mobile website is good, but never embed large size image because it slows down the loading speed of site. Hence, indulge users to navigate at another website. The other trick which you can do is placing dummy images on the layout using an image placeholder tool, that would help you get an idea of the actual size of flashing images to be put on site.

4. Embed the Content with Relevant Information: Make the content informative and genuine, never put up false information. As this will badly affect the trusted relationship.

Apart from all these, try to integrate social media to business webpage. It will expose the product & services comfortably. Secondly, it is a known fact that millions of users are now connected with social media. That can naturally boom the visibility of brand.

It is estimated that about 20% of global marketing is governed by mobile and in coming times, the figure will double or triple. Hence, adopting mobile marketing strategies will be the good approach to boost the business brand. Hope, you are now very well aware about how adopting mobile marketing strategies will duly affect the growth of the business.

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