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Mobile App SEO Optimization: Why You Should Optimize Your Mobile App?

Optimize Mobile App

Today, everyone life is so much connected with the mobile apps. Be it a game app or business app, all of us daily interact with the applications. According to the sources, it has been found that the number of mobile users have already outpaced the desktop user. Moreover, there are millions of applications available in the application store and the count is expanding day by day. And, hundreds of multifarious apps are downloaded every second. This alludes that how challenging is it for the businesses to gain a glimpse for their application among the billions of other apps.

Without gaining attention of the customers towards app, it is not possible to make them download the app. Moreover, all the investments in the development of the application go in vain due to poor visibility of the app. Thus, it is required to enhance the visibility of the mobile application in the application stores. And here, BetterGraph can help you with the best strategies.

How to Optimize Mobile App

Our squad of digital marketing experts is well-verged with all the imperative concepts of ASO. Along with this, we have technical expertise on different verticals of advanced technology in order to deliver prolific and effective result. Our team relentlessly strives to ensure that our clients’ application get exposure in the app store effectively. We put all-out efforts in bringing qualitative result with a long-term impact for all types of businesses.

  • Identify marketable keywords for App
  • Incorporate keywords into the app titles and descriptions
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Strategy & Positioning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Create and promote promo video
  • Distribute Press Releases in top websites
  • Paid marketing in Google and mobile advertising platforms like InMobi, AdMob etc

Benefits of App Store Optimization

aso benifits

Top 5 Benefits of App Marketing

  • Increases Downloads

ASO helps the business reach to potential audience (who are likely to download the specific app). This will tend to optimize the downloads and ensure a better revenue.

  • Increases App Visibility

ASO enhances the applications’ exposure in the searches that will ease the way for the searchers to find the desirable app.

  • Increases User Reviews And Raiting

Through ASO, there is a scope of establishing long-term relationship between the business & the customers. That will result in increasing user review and raiting.

  • Increases Branding

The effective app store optimization process can also help in building business brand that is good for long-term prolific growth.

  • Mobile User Acquisition

ASO can streamline the user acquisition campaign in a cost-effective manner.

We hold immense specialization in structuring the strategies for ensuring the success of an app on any platform- be it Google Play, iTunes, or any other. In the quest to boost the number of your app downloads, our app marketing experts leave no stone unturned while marketing your app with PR, Social Media Marketing, Paid Media Marketing and Promotions. If you are looking to form a revenue model or trying to pay heed to your existing revenue model, our experienced team has got the caliber to do it all for you perfectly. We have designed special ASO (App Store Optimization) packages to improve your new & existing app’s discovery on different platforms.

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