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What is Link reclamation? How to Build Quality Links that Helps in SEO?

Link reclamation

Link reclamation:

Link reclamation is the technique of fixing broken links of your company website and other websites with links pointing to your domain. There are many tools available that can help to extract broken links:.

  • Google Webmaster Tools: GWT is the best way to find pages returning a 404 error. Apart finding 404s we can use webmaster for different purposes in SEO. In webmaster tool we can check broken links by going into the crawl errors section.
  • Open Site Explorer: A free tool created by SEOmoz, provides metrics for inbound, outbound, internal and broken links on web pages.
  • Majestic SEO
  • Raven Tools
  • Ahrefs
  • Cognitive SEO

How we can do Link Quality Analysis?

This is a major question in SEO that how we can do quality link analysis. Before reclaiming the link to any site first we should take care below factors:

  • Website Relevancy 
  • Relevancy of the page
  • Page Rank & Domain Authority of the home page
  • Page Rank & Domain Authority of the link page
  • Quality of the content in the website
  • The anchor text used
  • Other links on the page
  • Other pages on the site

After checking above points we can reclaim the link. Link reclamation is the best way to retain the full link value. 301 redirection will gain some benefits but link reclamation will gain full inbound links value.When we start link building campaign for a new project link reclamation is a quick way to help with the SEO effort.

Can We Reclaimed all Links?

Well the answer is no! We can try to reclaim links where we think we will get benifits in terms of traffic but if somehow if reclaim is not possible we should use 301 redirection because search engines give prefrences those websites who have all inbound links are clean and direct to the website.

How we can build quality links?

As we all knows Google says build quality websites not links that users will want to use and share. So we should majorly focus on quality of content that user want to read and quality of website that user want to use. Also we should take care below points when create links for website:

  • Use keyword variation when creating anchor text
  • Never focus on keywords links we always optimize our URL’s
  • Focus more on social activities like group share, forum discussion etc
  • Each time use unique content when sharing anything across social websites
  • Write Press Release and distribute them across top PR websites
  • Relevancy of the page where we are going to create links
  • Page Rank and Domain Authority of the home page
  • Page Rank and Domain Authority of the link page

We should take care relationship between pages and sites as this is important for both search engine and marketers. We should majorly focus on marketing our website not only link building and keyword ranking means if we are able to generate good amount of genuine traffic towards our website then our website will automatically perform well. Here are the list of best link building blogs


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