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What is referral traffic? How we can optimize our website referral traffic?

referral traffic

Referral Traffic basically states the number of visits that come from different websites other than Google. This is the third most important form of statistics (the first two are visits from search engine and directly from URL) that is used by “Google Analytics”. When the users click the hyperlink to visit the webpage that is on different websites, then the Google Analytics considers this process as a referral visit to the destination website. Here, the website from where the traffic goes to other websites is called a “referrer”.

Important Things For Optimizing Referral Traffic:

1. Know The Different Types of Referrers

It is important for the webmasters to know their referrers. In referrals reports, the two types of referrals are considered, one is referring domains and the another is individual referrals. It is important for everyone to consider these 2 metrics to understand the referral sources.

  • Referral Domains:

This showcases the websites that are sending the visitors in aggregate. This basically can give you idea about where to deploy the paid advertisement campaign for your website. Suppose, there is the website XXXX, which is directing the huge traffic to your website, then it will be good for you to consider XXXX for deploying the email campaign.

  • Individual Referrers:

This showcases that which specific page is sending the visitors to your website. It is the best metrics that states the status of the public relations of your business. For example, there is a post on social media or other websites that direct the traffic to your website, then this means that writer knows about your business very well.

Referral reports is the first important report that the webmasters should study, when they discover the unprecedented increase in traffic. It allows us to identify the source as well as the reason for the spike. With the help of this knowledge, the webmaster can easily increase the traffic and customer base.

2. Monitors Everything About Referrers

Study every aspect about referrers carefully. You must be sure that tracking codes are in proper place and are delivering the proper visitors to you. There may be some situation, when we are not able to identify, which website is working effectively in driving the traffic to our website. Therefore, track every possible thing about referrers to be careful from making the investment of money on the irrelevant referrers.

3. Enhance The Social Media Presence

The social media plays the major role in driving the sales. Most of the people do not give importance to social media.
Social media is a powerful media to step up online visitors, develop brand image and make the business presence in front of the viewer that in the end enhances conversion. The implementation of the effective usage of social media for increasing brand value and conversion is not easy job. It requires a lot of hard work.
To properly use social media for optimizing the visit, first of all, it is important to understand, what is trending in social media that can work as a force to bring traffic to your website. This will assist you to post the relevant social content that delivers the quality visits.
Secondly, make your website social media friendly. Implement the Facebook and other major websites on the webpage, so the audience, who comes to your website can directly share the content with the audience this will enhance your presence on social platform.
Keep yourself engaged with the social media audience frequently. Solve their queries or confusion regarding any particular topic. This will also help you improve the social media presence.

4. Find The Potential Partner

Monitoring the referrals not only tells you about your audience and valuable ad spending channels, but also helps you discover the potential partners, who are associated with your mission.
The cross-checking of the website referrals is an effective way to the find out the potential partner. The potential partnership will help in media placement, Search engine optimization, sponsorship and deploying events.

5. Changing Monitoring Strategy With Time

With the changing time, the new platforms emerge and this bring changes in referrals. Tracking the new referrer can help you put the websites’ traffic and conversion rate in the positive direction. In a nutshell, keeping an eye on your referrals will help you remain on the right track, when you are going to spend on an advertisement campaign.


Hopefully, you are now aware of important tactics of referral traffic. If you have any confusion in any part of this blog, then please share with us, by writing at the comment section given below.

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