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How You Can Compare Website With Your Competitor

It is known that those who are anonymous about their competitors’ tool and the best tool for their business, cannot perform well in order to take their business at the top or ahead in the competitive digital world. Nowadays, the competition in the online marketplace and everywhere has reached to the peak. Therefore, it has become necessary for every business, whether it is large, small or startups, to carry out thorough research regarding tools and application, such as what tools or software application are famous and on what applications most of their competitors are relied on.

Here, this blog throws light on some techniques and websites from where the users can explore various elements, like keywords, reviews, platform, prices and many other things that are associated with the performance of software application and tools. This will ease the way for the researchers to find a better tool for their business.

Let’s Explore Those Websites & Tools

1. G2Crowd


This is a platform, where the users can check out the review about different software applications in any category.Hootsuite_Buffer_rating It provides the feature-rich interface that gives complete detail about every application’s performance in the market. Basically, it collects all the review from the verified users and according to the reviews it presents the data. This comes with the powerful search bar that is integrated with category functionality, so that the users can easily select which category of software application they want to search. This is good for the users who want to find out that which application is suitable for their business. Moreover, business professional can also check the demographics, price and other features related to the tool and applications.

2. Keyword Suggest Tool

Google Suggestion

The Keyword Suggest Tool was launched by SEO Chat. This has been developed for users to find out idea regarding different keywords from all the renowned search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and others in a single display. We all have experienced that how suggest function works in Google. When anyone types the alphabet in the search bar, the Google starts displaying the topmost suggestion. In the same way, this tool also displays the suggestion not only from Google, but also from other search engine tools. By using this, the users can have the idea about the most common and famous business application used by all the organizations.

3. GoDataFeed


This is designed to provide various solutions based on e-commerce comparison. Whether it is shopping engine, marketplace or the products, here the users can easily get feedback on everything. With the help of that feedback the users can optimize their e-commerce business in order to provide a better experience. It has superb interface and multiple options that streamline the way to find out the usable idea about various features that lead to optimizing online store.

4. DiscoverCloud


This is the place, where business professional can find the review regarding business to business software application. Alternative Products ComprisonIt has superbly designed search query and search filter (including, customer type, price categories and integrated product). Here, the users can find any type of application on the basis of budget, business and requirement. Moreover, the users can also find the alternative tool as it provides the button “Alternative”, where they just need to write name of tool and then click that button. After clicking Alternative, the users will get the list of the products.



All these websites and tools provide extensive information and data regarding the business tools as well as application. Now, it is up to the business professionals that how they use it. The competition is becoming tougher and hence every new move can bring benefit or loss, so it is very imperative that every data should be closely watched.

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