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How To Check Mobilegeddon Impact On Your Website?


Mobilegeddon Meaning:

Google has landed up with one more update and this time the giant search engine is giving preference to the sites that are responsive means mobile friendly websites will get higher rankings on mobile.

We all have a big question in our mind that “have our website affected by Google mobile update?” If you really want to check Mobilegeddon impact then you must check you or your clients analytics. We can use Custom Segments in Google Analytic to check the impact of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm also called mobilegeddon  live since april 21st.

Below are 3 steps for using Google Analytics to check Mobilegeddon effect in your website:

We can see “mobile-friendly” label in the search results on smart-phone, organic traffic from Google that arrives at a site from smart-phones users. Here are 3steps that we should apply in analytics:

Step 1: Create a custom segment to measure only smart-phones visits

For isolate the traffic first of all create a custom segment by choosing in analytics:
Audience -> Mobile -> Overview
then choose +Add Segment from the bar at the top. I have called here “Smartphone – organic” segment.
Now we should choose Technology segment option and then choose Mobile from the device category. This is only smartphones visit because tablet and desktop are the other options.
smartphones custom segment


Step 2: Add organic traffic to this segment

Now choose “Traffic Sources” and medium contains as organic which are SEO visits. Also organic traffic includes other search engine traffic but with Google accounting for 90% change.
organic traffic segment


Step 3: Now review yearly comparison of visits from this segment

Now save the segment and then review the trends through time. you can compare with previous month like in this example.
comparison visits

You can see here that the two curves for “Smartphone – Organic” segment, We’re fortunate that Smart-phone users are increasing day by day that’s why Google want that everyone would get relevant and responsive data so it will visible on small device like Smartphone in better way.

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