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Google Announces Alphabet- A New Holding Company To Manage Google Subsidiaries

Google has recently announced that it will now be a part of a newly formed company Alphabet which will be its parent or holding company. In a surprising move, Larry Page, CEO, published a blog stating the reasons that drove this decision. With Pichai Sundarrajan being designated as the new CEO of Google, Larry Page will be the CEO of the Alphabet. The new holding company will supervise the subsidiary companies and plan to ensure better growth.

google alphabet

New holding company will be like a collection of many companies and the largest of them will be Google. According to Larry Page, the reason behind taking this decision is to make the companies more accountable and the operations, cleaner. The group of the companies under this will also comprise organizations that are far from the internet domain, and healthcare is among the most predominant ones.

What is Alphabet?

It is mostly a collection of companies. The largest of which,of course, is Google.   Larry Page(CEO of the Alphabet)

Google, as is known to all and sundry, is eyeing bigger things and pushing the limits of research. Whether it is Google Glass, self-driving car, or cancer detection pills, Google has ventured into diverse fields that naturally required different working cultures and leaders. This can be seen as a reason to expand the company on different verticals and make them independent. However, Larry Page has also stated that he along with Sergey, director of Alphabet will be looking into the developments in every company and provide necessary help. Helping the small companies gain foothold is also among the agendas of Alphabet.

As of now, Alphabet will include the below-mentioned Healthcare Ventures:

  • Life Sciences
  • Calico
  • Google X
  • Google Venture

However, even before the discussions about Alphabet has gained momentum, problems are surfacing. The first issue is with the name itself. Alphabet is the name of a fleet management wing of BMW, one of the most popular car manufacturers. Even the domain Alphabet.com is already reserved and same is the case with the twitter handle @alphabet. BMW spokespersons have said that they are not looking for any legal recourse as of now and are looking into the details. Meanwhile, China has banned the Alphabet’s website, abc.xyz.com as it had banned Gmail and other services from Google. It will be interesting to see the turn of the events as it unfolds.

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