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Google Analytics Comes With Active User & Cohort Analysis To Ease Study of User Behaviour

Google Analytics has been integrated with 2 new features, Active User & Cohorts in order to provide key insight of online users’ behaviour, so that the website owners can improve their online services. Since inception, Google Analytics has been the powerful tool in website industry that allows the webmaster to keep an eye on the online visitors interactive behaviour with the website. For enhancing the user-experience, Google has launched 2 new advanced features:

1. Active User

Active User Reportin Google Analytics
The Active Users feature presents the report that states the number of users, who have had minimum one session on daily, weekly & monthly basis. This is a superb functionality that can make the existing User Behavior reports (comprises frequency and recency report) feature-rich.

2. Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis feature enables you to trace the behavior with the help of segmentation technique, where all the users are condensed into the groups, who did have similar user experiences in the particular time frame.

For example, earlier the webmasters could only get the information covering the total number of users, who had filled a login form last week. But, now with this feature, the webmasters will be able to know that 10% of the users, who had visited first on Tuesday have completed the form on Thursday.
This is the powerful tool that makes webmaster understand patterns. It helps them deduce the truly useful insight of user behavior.
Chort Analysis in Google Analytics
The report allows the users to select:
A. Cohort Type (The Beta version provides report on acquisition date cohorts.)
B. Cohort Size (according to day, week and month)
C. Metrics:
1. Retention
2. By User (Goal Completion, revenue, pageviews, sessions, session duration transactions)
3. Total (pageviews, goal completion, session duration, revenue, sessions, transactions)
D. Date Range
Chort Analysis in Google Analytics1
The above chart showcases the number of users, who visited on Monday, January 12 had the highest retention rate and the 4.5% of them made a visit on the next day.


Both new features prove that the Google is looking forward to make the Google Analytics more user-centric. We will come up with new information, if we witness any update in google analytics, till then stay tuned with our blog.

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