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Common SEO Myths: Demystifying Unprecedented Concept of SEO

Common SEO MythsNowadays, SEO has gained the huge popularity in different genre of the online marketing. There is no doubt that most of the webmasters are practicing SEO tactics to promote their websites as well as business at the online marketplace. But, unfortunately, they are deprived of the most common SEO myths. Hence, their investment gets wasted. This further leads to drop in productivity or hinders them from performing well at digital place. Thus, this blog is presenting the most common SEO myths that every website owner should leave behind.

Let’s Have A Glimpse Over “SEO Myths”:

1. Top Ranking Brings Success

top rankings in search engine
There is the serious myth that “Top Ranking Brings Success”. It has been evaluated that the online searchers like to log-in the top three site in search engine. But, it has also been discovered that the “click through rate” on the top 3 websites is similar or lesser than other websites.

2. Listing Site at Google

google listing
Listing any website at Google is not a smart move. Google Search Engine can automatically index new site without any need of submitting URL. Secondly, presenting new URL to the Google cannot assure to step up the ranking. The crawler indexes the site in the mean time.

3. Links are Better than Content

Website Backlinks
Link building is the important element for grabbing audience toward the website. But, content is the key element or the asset of a website. That can help search crawler to find the website according to the query. Try relevant and diverse content that can help in connecting user with the website.

4. IT Professional Can only Deploy SEO

IT Professional and SEO
Deploying SEO requires strategic as well as technical skill, while IT professional like web designer or coder can assist in codifying the SEO-friendly websites. But, when it comes to strategy SEO professional can handle.

5. Meta Description Influence Search Ranking

Meta Description
Meta Description is the part of HTML coding that can help “Search Engine Crawler” to identify the content easily. But, this does not mean that ranking will also get higher with the help of Meta Description.

6. Only On-Page SEO is Significant

On-Page SEO
Optimizing On-Page does not ensure good ranking. It is required to implement SEO at wider scope. That means, web masters should also focus on Off-page optimization as well as User Experience too.

7. Ideal Density of Keywords

Keywords Density in Content
Many webmasters have the idea about the ideal density of keywords on their pages, but the truth is that there is no ideal density for keywords. Instead, you can use keyword on heading, content and even in the URL. But, remember never make the content meaningless.

8. No Relation Between Social Media & SEO

Social Media & SEO
Social Media with SEO can boom search result. The relationship between Social Media and Search Engine has been increasing day by day. Thus, social media can help in prioritizing the content with the use of “Share”, “Like” and “+1″. This further impacts the search result page.

9. Integrating Exact Match Keyword

Exact Match Keyword
Search Engine Crawler may find it spammy or disregard the content that has been stuffed with lots of verbatim keywords. Hence, implement keyword in the content in a precise manner, so that it flashes the perfect meaning to the online searcher and audience. Try to make the content user-oriented not search-oriented.

10. Huge Content at Home Page is Good

Huge Content on Home page
Implement only useful information at the “Home Page” like About Business, Location, Contact information and what the visitor should do next. Never make the content confusing.

11. “H1″ Tag is Most Significant for SEO

H1 Tag SEO
Title Tag, whether it is H1, H2 or H3 are significant, but not the “most” for SEO. They are only for styling purpose. Hence, it will be better to focus on what your content is reflecting rather than styling tag H1. These styling tag help crawler as well as reader to know “what the whole content is about.

12. More Pages Boost Up Visibility

More Pages Boost Up Visibility
Many webmasters have misconception that if their website have more page, the search crawler can easily spot them. This is completely wrong. If website gets indexed at search engine, it will only be visible, when it is having the quality content. Hence, invest time in making quality content.

13. Stuffing Local Address is Very Important

stuffing addrss in webpages
It is no more necessary for local SEO to put address of the business at the website. The search engine can find out the location of the business. Moreover, Reviews, title tags, On-Page citation and social media can also state location of the business.

14. Redirecting Site Through Microsites Enhance SEO

Microsites Enhance SEO
Redirecting to primary websites from secondary sites of other domain will not help SEO any more. Instead, this will bog down business growth. Search engines are smart that they know “who the registrants are at the domain side”.

15. Inbound Marketing cannot Mix with SEO

Inbound Marketing and SEO
This is 100% false. Inbound marketing are much linked to SEO. Inbound marketing will be successful, if an effective SEO tactic is implemented. Effective SEO ensures high business visibility and ranking. This tends to enhance the Inbound Marketing.

16. Google does not Know about Bad Backlink

Bad Backlink and Google
This is one of most serious common SEO myths among the SEO professional. Never underestimate the potential of Search Engines. They are very intelligent. They can sense the bad links and can prohibit from achieving the good ranking.

17. SEO never Correlate Usability Issues

Usability and SEO
SEO is not about optimizing website for search engines. It is more than that. It covers “User Experience”, “quality of website” and link building.


Hopefully, you all now are aware of the most common SEO myths that are usually practiced by our webmasters or SEO professionals. If you have any idea or confusion regarding this blog, you are most welcome to share at the comment section given below.

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