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Combat Between SEO and PPC: Whom Do You Bet?

seo vs ppc

If you are searching that what would be the best campaign (the SEO or PPC) to foster my online presence? Then, wipe away your confusions with our informative blog that covers all the measurable aspects of SEO as well as PPC campaign to give you the best feasible guidance for your online project. The SEO strategies are mainly popular for producing organic results, whereas PPC campaign is better known for its instant marketing and branding for the featured business’ products/ services. Through this post, we wish to guide & suggest the clients about the web-marketing techniques/ methods (SEO or PPC) that will favor their business the most.

PPC and SEO Combat

Following are three decisive factors that will assist you to choose the perfect weapon for your business’s growth, between Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization.

Weapon 1 – Work Style

Work style of PPC and SEO

PPC is said to be the direct marketing methodology to promote and sell out your featured business’ products or services on the web. You can better compare its working with television advertisement where the featured ad has limited space and time in the meanwhile it has to communicate the business’ message effectively to the targeted audiences. However, just as the conventional ad presented on TV can be skipped by switching the TV channels, the same way the internet audience can also ignore your ad, if it is unable to attract the end-users’ attention. The best part of PPC is that you can broadcast a single message across the potential audiences at once, very effectively.

If you are looking for indirect/ inbound marketing strategy that increases your website’s visibility on search engine page results then SEO would be the best methodology to get implemented. The working of SEO mainly focuses on building natural traffic by providing pertinent information to generate powerful backlinks for the site to let your brand become popular among the audiences.

Weapon 2 – Cost

Weapon cost

Well, if we talk about budget factors, then pay per click PPC marketing is bit expensive than search engine optimization (SEO). However, both the services require monthly implementation charges, where PPC using clients need to the extra fee for their exclusive ad clicks, to their respective service providers. The click rates are dependent upon the keyword weighting and bidding.

On the other hand, SEO demands no such additional fee, except the monthly maintenance fee. All you need to do is to make your brand effectively visible in the search engine results.

Weapon 3 – Effectiveness

Effectiveness of Makreting

Both the methodologies have their own competences and benefits. The PPC is ideal to serve instant benefits in two areas, i.e. wider visibility (with targeted keyword phrases) and rapid consumer analysis (for better judgment). PPC campaigns are ideal for brands that are already being established; and require pushup-marketing strategies to feature their services/ products of the respective business. The clients can monitor, track and manage their web campaigns using online provided tracking & reporting tools like Bing Webmasters, Google Analytics etc. and adjust the campaign setting accordingly for flourishing business growth. The PPC is best suitable for audiences, who are not interested to read the whole story but keen to know the core message without spending much time.

According to the statistics conducted by Search Engine Journals, more than 75% of the users ignore paid ads and believe in search results. And this makes SEO stand ahead than PPC (in effectiveness) to result better in generating leads and conversions.

Wrap UP

With the above-discussed factors, it seems that SEO has more powerful weapons for web marketing than PPC, but one should not neglect the benefits of PPC too. The most dynamic web-marketing strategy would be to use them together for long-lasting and influential business growth.

Posted By: BetterGraph Team-  Website Optimization Service from #1 Internet Marketing Company .

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