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Mobile UX: Top Deploying Tips For Mobile SEO

Today, mobile phones or smartphones have reached at all corners of the world. Mobile phones are governing more than 30% of companies working process and its figure is increasing day-by-day. With the easy access to the internet, smartphones have become assets for customers to deal with the business. Thus, many web development companies have jumped into Mobile UX field for creating mobile based web application that can simplify the commerce. Deploying the mobile web apps is not very similar...

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10.01.14 0

How mobile marketing strategies help to promote brand value

Nowadays, marketing has crossed every limit to promote the business brand. The advent of smartphones or mobile computing gadgets is gradually transforming the online marketing strategy to mobile marketing because: 1. More than half of worlds population is having the smartphone that has very easy and fast access to the internet. 2. Mobile device ensures 24/7 instant connectivity of users to the business. 3. More than 70% of users are using the mobile devices for shopping and transaction. 4....

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