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The Beginner’s Guide to Setting up pay-per-click campaign

Whether to establish a newly launched brand, promote a new product, advertise about sale or increase visitors toward website, PPC is the best place to start. PPC means Pay Per Click. It is a powerful tool for marketing campaign. Here, the marketers basically pay certain amount to the owners of the website, where the users have clicked the advertisement that is drafted by marketers. Setting up PPC campaign is not a piece of cake for everyone. There is a requirement of awareness regarding...

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17.03.15 0

Why You Should Think Of Call Only Ads For Your Advertisement Campaign

The usage and users of the mobile are mushrooming at fast pace. According to the report, it has been evaluated that: I. Around 80% of the mobile users prefer their mobile device to shop the products. II. More than 65% of the smartphone users like to search the businesses on their phone and call them directly. III. Nearly 82% of the mobile users search the product (that they are going to shop) on their mobile devices. Overview About Call-Only Ads Call-Only Campaign ads...

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23.02.15 0

Google Analytics Comes With Active User & Cohort Analysis To Ease Study of User Behaviour

Google Analytics has been integrated with 2 new features, Active User & Cohorts in order to provide key insight of online users’ behaviour, so that the website owners can improve their online services. Since inception, Google Analytics has been the powerful tool in website industry that allows the webmaster to keep an eye on the online visitors interactive behaviour with the website. For enhancing the user-experience, Google has launched 2 new advanced features: 1. Active User The...

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