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29.07.15 0

What is Google Penguin Update & How to Recover from this Update

Having more than 60% of search engine market share, Google seems to be the most imperative platform in the digital world. Since Google has been a favorite search engine for millions of online searchers, every year it comes with different updates to provide better user experience. Most of the time, when the updates are launched, many witness a fall in their website ranking. But, it does not mean that updates are released for creating only negative impacts. If we look at the other side, it...

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27.07.15 0

Google Panda 4.2 Rolls Out Slowly: Effect will Take Months

Recently, there is a message from Google official that the latest update, Panda 4.2 has been released. And, it will take months for complete rollout. Most of the webmasters have not witnessed any change; the reason behind this is, roll out is happening at very slow pace. It means that you will not find the effect in all your web pages immediately. Before this, the last official release of Panda 4.1 was announced on 25th September 2014. It was believed to be the 28th update of Panda. Google...

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02.04.15 2

Simple Guidelines To Optimize Your AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords has now become the most important approach for marketing process. This approach comprises the keywords researching, scrutinizing the audience, drafting strategies, setting up geographical location for displaying Ad online and many more. It is a faster way to drive product’s promotion, generating leads, increasing visitors and boosting the market. With the changing time, most of the marketing professionals like to optimize their AdWords campaign in order to boost the...

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