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30.09.16 1

Google New Penguin Update – Now Its Part of Core Algorithm

Google keeps on announcing its new penguin updates on 23-Sep-16 and this time the giant search engine has announced an update on penguin algorithm. The codename (Google Penguin) was first launched in 2012 and has got an update recently. After a long testing and development phase, an update for Penguin algorithm has been rolled out in diverse languages. Some specific changes have been brought for the users with this recent update. These key changes were a part of webmasters’ top request to...

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09.03.16 0

Google Has Confirmed That It is Doing Away with Toolbar PageRank

Its Confirmed: Google gets rid of Toolbar PageRank from its browser It is now officially announced that Google is removing the Toolbar PageRank from its browsers. It implies that if you have been utilizing this toolbar for viewing PageRank data from Google, you will not be able to see the same within a few weeks. Although the internet giant still uses the data for its internal purposes like devising the ranking algorithm, the PageRank values will not be available for the users. The...

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16.09.15 1

Google Webmaster Tool Search Queries Old Report Format Link

Google officially launched new search analytics report in webmaster tools (Search Console) on May 6, 2015 with an additional option to check search query result in search analytics. Google also set up a help document to explain the difference. How to check old search queries in Google search console/Webmaster? Now after four months Google has removed the Search Queries report from the Search Console. You can now access the Old Search Queries Report via below...

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