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How Can Pinterest Marketing Improve Brand Awareness: Explore the Ultimate Guide

Optimize your business with the help of strategic marketing on Pinterest. Most of us are aware that Facebook and Twitter are known to be the only platforms for social media marketing. You will be surprised to know that Pinterest can also be superb platform to promote the brand and enhance the business.
Improve brand Awareness via pinterest

How Pinterest Is Good For The Business

Pineterest is the platform, where users share and pin media content, comprising video and images. According to the study, it has been evaluated that the pins on this platform are more spreadable than Tweet on Twitter. Moreover, the pins have more life-span than the post on Facebook. This states that Pinterest is a reliable platform for the purpose of marketing and setting up the brand image. Most of the users do not know that this platform provides the Business Account . With the help of this account, the business owners can access the powerful functionality that can help them push the business in the online marketplace.
Pinterest best for Business
Let’s explore what functionality this platform provides:

Pinterest Analytics

After completing sign up and verification, the users will be able to access the tracking application,“Pinterest Analytics”, which gives insight to the information stating how your strategies and contents are performing. In this way, the user can improve their strategy and boost the marketing.
Pinterest Analytics

Rich Pins

Rich Pins enable users to add more information with the pins. There are 5 types of pins, such as product, movie, place, article and recipe. The information can be uploaded with real-time price, stock, links to the business website, map location and many more that can boost marketing of your business.

Add Facebook Tab

For directing the audience from Pinterest to Facebook account, the users have the option to add Facebook tab in the Pinterest home page.
Add Facebook in Pinterest

New Tools

There are many other tools, such as Promoted Pins, Widget Builder and the Pin It Button that can help you build the brand in the online marketplace. In the coming times, this platform will come up with more tools for the business account. To know more about the tools, the users can sign up for Newsletter.

Important Terms and Condition

While using the business accounts, the users should be aware of major rules, including:
1. The users should not deploy spamming by requesting the participants for posting comments repeatedly,
2. The users should not run contest and sweepstakes frequently
Besides these rules, there are other terms that you can read on the website of Pinterest, so that there will be no problem in using the account.

How to Optimize Business At Pinterest

1. Make Pins Searchable

At first, you should know the best way to create the pin, so that it can be searchable. If your pin becomes searchable, then the chance of online searcher to reach your business will be higher. Below are given some of the important tips that can help you create the best pin.

a) Choose the Most Popular Categories

It is imperative to choose the most popular categories for your pins as this will make it easy for Pinterest search bar to deliver the relevant content to the searchers.
Pin To Popular Categories

b) Pin Clear Images

The users should put emphasis on pinning the clear images. At Pinterest, it is better to post high resolution and appealing images. According to the study, it has been evaluated that the images that do not have faces have 23% more chances for being repinned. Moreover, the images of bright background get 20% more repin than dark.

c) Deploy Relevant Pin Size

The 736×1102 pixels is suitable size for typical images because this is not too big and not too small. User should post the image of relevant size, so that it can be loaded faster.

d) Try To Post Instructographic

The instructographic is a kind of infographic that presents the important guidelines regarding How to do some specific tasks. The post of type “How to …” is more searchable.

2. Identify The Best Time To Pin

Do research and find the best time to pin that can grab the audience attentions at ease. As per the report by SocialFresh, the best times to post are 8PM – 1AM EST and 2PM – 4PM EST. It will be better to checkout your audience that, when they are online, then on basis of that information you post content.
Best time To Pin

3. Connect With Other Social Media Platforms

When the new user sign up at Pinterest, then it is difficult for them to get followers. Therefore, it is recommended that users should connect their Pinterest pages with other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. It is very easy. Here, are the step by step methods:
a) Navigate to account settings
b) Go to social networks section
c) Now, Connect your Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts

4. Implement Pinterest Functionality In Your Website

Integrate Pin It button to your web page or you can also use the Widget Builder (if you have a mobile application), so that online visitors can pin your content and share them easily at the Pinterest.

5. Deploy SEO strategy To Boost Marketing

You should also use the SEO strategy to boost the content visibility. You do not need to get in-depth. Just follow the below given tips, you will optimize content:
1. Identify relevant keyword (that matches concept and ideas of your business). You can take the help of “Google AdWords Keyword Planner”
2. After searching the keywords, make a list.
3. Use those keywords in the pin titles, descriptions and image file names.
Remember that do not overuse keywords, such as implementing 3 or more keywords in title or description.

6. Include Call-To-Pin Functionality

Just like Call-To-Action, you should use Call-To-Pin functionality. This will improve web traffic toward your website.
Apart from all these things, you should interact with the audience as this will enhance your brand image. For increasing interaction with audience, you should post the content frequently, give reply to the comments, follow the most popular board and create the influencing content.
Pinterest Call To Action


Pinterest is providing not only the platform for pining, but also the guideline materials that can teach the users regarding effective tricks for maximizing the marketing. It is a robust platform for all types of business of any size. In this blog, if you find anything confusing, then you can write to us by using the comment section given below.

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  •   John Forster - January 29, 2015 @ 11:10 am

    Excellent tips for Pinterest. Behind Google Organic, Pinterest is driving the most traffic to B2B&B2C. It’s an amazing tool, and extremely addictive too!!!!!

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  •   Raghab Singh - January 29, 2015 @ 11:03 am

    Surly, Pinterest is gonna rock just like Facebook and Twitter but it has some time, meanwhile I am trying to enjoy using this website, and find it nice for my photographs.

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