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The Beginner’s Guide to Setting up pay-per-click campaign

Whether to establish a newly launched brand, promote a new product, advertise about sale or increase visitors toward website, PPC is the best place to start. PPC means Pay Per Click. It is a powerful tool for marketing campaign. Here, the marketers basically pay certain amount to the owners of the website, where the users have clicked the advertisement that is drafted by marketers.

Google Adwords

Setting up PPC campaign is not a piece of cake for everyone. There is a requirement of awareness regarding all the steps to deploy PPC campaign successfully. Before coming to these steps, first of all, the marketing professionals should be ensured of the following elements such as:

I. Stunning Website design:

The appealing website can bring the visitors and easily convert them into customers.

II. Advertising Budget:

Budget is the main component of PPC advertising. It is very important that marketing professional must be aware of their budget as it can ease the way to set up PPC campaign.

III. PPC Strategy And Goal:

The marketers should know their strategies that they will be using in PPC marketing campaign. If they are not prepared with strategies, their advertising become ineffective. Moreover, it will affect their profit badly.

After being assured of all the above things, the business professionals can think of implementing PPC campaign.

Step By Step Procedure To Deploy PPC Campaign

1. Prepare Keyword List

Prepare Keyword List

Keywords are collection of words or phrases that the online searchers are using on the search engine in order to find the websites or any informative contents. The keywords are the main elements of PPC Ads. Therefore, it is imperative to invest time in order to thoroughly research the best keyword for PPC. Here are tips that can help everyone find the keywords.

a) At first, everyone should check their websites’ contents. It will give the basic idea about the keyword to be used in PPC. Suppose, someone owns the website that provides SEO service. Then, everyone should include all the words in the sheet that are associated with SEO service, like Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing, etc. Moreover, it is also important to add branded terms. These terms include name of the organizations and URLs.

b) After collecting all the keywords, includes the synonyms of those keywords. Like there is a prase “online marketing” in the website content, then for this, the users can use the synonym “digital marketing”. It is better, if the users think like the customers as this can expand keywords list and improve the efficiency of PPC.

c) Now, use keyword research tool to find more keywords regarding your business. Today, there are numerous of tools available that can help marketers easily find the keywords. They also enable them to prioritize the usage of words and phrases.

Remember that while researching the keywords, focus on quality. Secondly, everyone should try to find the keywords of medium rank that means the keyword should not be too competitive and completely unique.

2. Define Effective Campaign Structure

Campaign structure

The AdWords structure should comprise all the important features that completely reflect the organization. For this various important things should be implemented properly. Let’s have a glance below:

a) Select the Relevant Campaign and Ad Groups

Choose Relevant Adgroup

In order to select the Relevant Campaign and Ad Groups, every business professional should consider various imperative aspects, such as:

I. Products & Services offered by the organization
II.Geographic location of the organization
III. Performance & bidding
IV. Keywords and types of keywords
V. Seasonal based products as well as services
VI. Brands name and terms (associated with brand)

The important thing that everyone should keep in their minds is, make every Ad group revolve around the campaign. Moreover, it is better to possess around 3 to 5 Ads for one campaign as this can enable the marketers to easily manage the campaign.

b) Configure & Checkout Campaign Setting

Now configure your campaign setting according to researched keywords and other information. After this, checkout the campaign setting, so that your PPC Ads give the best result. Below are the some of the important things to be considered in your setting:

I. Language & Location

Language & Location Setting

Location and language play best role in driving the traffic toward PPC ads. Therefore, set those locations, where there are potential audience for your products and they can easily understand the text written in the advertisement.

II. Networks & Devices

Network and Device setting

This setting enables users to display the advertisement on the specific channel. For marketers, it will be better to choose Google.com, as this can channelize the advertisement toward all the networks associated with Google. In case of device setting, choosing all the devices will work effectively.

III. Budget Setting

Budget Setting in PPC campaign

At first, calculate your monthly budget and then divide that by the number of days in the month. On the basis of daily budget, configure the budget setting. The best way is using manually bidding process as this can stave off the advertisers from the risks of jeopardizing the budget and marketing campaign.

IV. Evenly Category in Advanced Setting

Advance Setting in campaign setup

There are 3 options in Ad delivery section. In these options, the new advertisers should go for Rotate Ad as this can evenly deliver the ads and effectively use the budget. The other 2 options, including optimize for click and optimize for conversion can be used, when the advertisers become aware of key information.

3. Draft Proper Text For Your Ads

Draft Ad Copy

Besides keyword and advertisement structure, content of the Ad is also an imperative element to attract the audience and entice them to click the Ad. To make the text effective, every marketer should focus on following features:

a) There are total 130 characters, comprising 25 for Headline, 70 for Description, 35 for Display URL and 1024 for destination URL. Therefore, try to use every character effectively.

b) Add the punctuation in the text to provide good impression to the users. It is good to implement “Display URL” in the headlines.

c) Now, with the help of SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) analysis and on the basis information regarding products (price, discount and features) as well as audience draft the content.

d). Make sure that every important element in Ad is easily viewable to the customers. Besides this, the contents should highlight all the benefits, so that the readers can easily understand that what advantage they will get.

e) The Call-To-Action feature should be properly implemented in the Advertisement, so that marketers can easily convert the readers into their customers.

4. Set Up Google AdWords Account

Google Adwords ads example

After completing the keywords collection process, content preparation and advertisement structure, the last step is to set up Google AdWords account. While setting up the AdWord account in Google, every user have to go through 4 steps.

   a) First step includes targeting the customers.
   b) Second step comprises Ads creation
   c) Third step possesses setting up prices
   d) Fourth step is Sign Up process

The first 3 steps are easy to complete, when anyone is prepared with list of keywords, Content and campaign structure. In order to complete the Sign Up process, the users will get 2 options either they can use the Gmail account or create another account. After completing the sign up, the users will be directed to the payment page.

There are 2 ways of making the payment

I. Postpaid:

In this payment method, the users have to pay the amount only after accruement of advertisement cost. Here, the users can also set the threshold limit. After reaching the threshold value Google bill the amount to the users.

II. PrePaid:

In this method, the users have to pay amount in advance. Google will notify the users, when amount becomes low.

Here, users can use the debit and credit card to make the payment.

For more information regarding Google AdWords setting, you can also click here


Now, hopefully, you all have gained confidence in setting up PPC account. If you find anything confusing in this blog, you can write to us with the help of comment section given below. We will reach to you soon to sort out all the doubts.

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