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25 Coolest Tips To Use Instagram For Marketing Campaign

How to Use Instagram
Give a push to your digital marketing campaign with the help of Instagram, a social media tool for sharing videos & pictures. At present, Instagram has become a favorite tool for 130 million people all around the world. With beautiful interface and easy-to-share feature, it has impressed the audience. It is not only limited to photo or video sharing, but also boosts the brand awareness only if it is used strategically. Yes! Anyone can use this media sharing tool in order to boom the marketing campaign. But, how, here are given some easy tips that revolve around improving the brand awareness through this platform.

How to use Instagram

Using Instagram To Market: Have A Glance Over Important Tips

1. Create Your Business Profile At Instagram

At first, you have to set up your business profile at Instagram. Here, you should add your brand’s name in user name. After adding profile name, add your business’s images and videos as well as every vital business information, so that your profile reflects your business clearly. For more information regarding creating profile at Instagram, you can also click here.

2. Embed Facebook Tab With Instagram

Embed instagram in fb

By including Facebook tab with your Instagram profile, you can add advantages to your marketing strategy. There is a feature that allows you to connect these two powerful platforms, so that you can instantly share your videos and images with your Facebook friends.

3. Add Brand-Oriented Content

It is good to integrate the brand-oriented content in the profile. It will help you connect your business to the particular demographic that likes your brand.

4. Include the Hashtag in Your Post

Optimize Post with hash Tag
You should include the hashtag in your post. The hashtag is the best way to make your post searchable for the visitors. Thoroughly research the best & unique word that you can include in your hashtag and then use that in your post.

5. Publish the Brand-Based Hashtag

Post the brand-oriented hashtag in your content. You should try to include your business name in your unique hashtag. This technique will easily promote your brand and make it easy for the participants to remember your business.

6. Implement General & Trending Hashtag

Use general & trending hashtag as this will give the glimpse of your post to the audience directly through the search bar.

7. Give Response To The People

Always be connected to your audience. The better way is writing the comment or responding to the comments.

8. Integrate Followers Photos In Your Website

Inegrate The Instagram
The Instagram provides facility to integrate the followers’ photos with your website directly. Therefore, try to integrate the Instagram photos of your followers in the website to appreciate them. Before doing this, you should ask for the permission.

9. Like, Respond & Comment On Your Instagram Followers Pictures

It is good to like, respond and write comment for your Instagram follower pictures (especially if the picture showcases your products & services). It will encourage them to publish more pictures. Moreover, it can make relationship between your business and customer healthy.

10. Use “@” With Followers’ Name, Celebrity, Users And Important Personality

In order to appreciate your follower and user, who has included the best photos, you should include ‘@’ with the name of that person. If that person is celebrity or the important personality, then this will help you promote your brand among their followers.

11. Show Creativity In Your Photos

Enhance your photos with the creative tricks. You can take the pictures from different angles and implement some lightening effects in the pictures. There are various image manipulating tools, such as Diptic, Photoshop and photoshake that can allow you to implement creativity in the photos.

12. Create & Embed Short Videos

Develop and embed the short & interesting video with your post. This will grab the attention of the visitors toward your brand.

13. Implement Authentic Video and Images

It will be better to showcase the photos and videos that present the use of your product or service in the real life.

14. Add Storytelling Content In Your Videos & Pictures

The storytelling feature helps your audience know about your brand easily. Indeed, it will improve the visitors’ engagement.

15. Post Interesting Photos of Your Official Events

Publish the interesting photos & videos that give the glance of the official events. Moreover, you can also showcase the funny side of your office staff and the employers. This will amuse the followers and keeps them tuned with your post, so that they cannot miss anything new.

16. Launch Your Product or Any Service At Instagram

Launch your products on Instagram. The day on which you are going to launch your product or any service, prepare a few videos that showcase, how your preparation is going on and lots more.

17. Show Video of Post-Launch Products

Make and publish the video of the official party that you are celebrating for the successful launch of the products.

18. Partner With Other Brands On Instagram

There are other organizations on Instagram that can help you optimize your brand’s awareness, if you partner with them. By establishing partnership with other brands, you can expand your followers. Moreover, the importance of your product or service will also be easily recognized.

19. Ask For Feedback From Users

Engage with the users by asking their feedbacks regarding your products & services, so that you can know how your product is performing.

20. Add Blank With Your Incomplete Sentence

Leave the sentence incomplete with blank, so that the user will fill in the blank with answer that is associated with your brand. Suppose your business sell SPF facial cream, then your write, “These sunny days, I can’t leave home without wearing ______” this will compel users to write name of the products in the comment section. This will increase the engagement with customers.

21. Engage With Customer With Photo Captioning

Post the image that is associated with your brand and ask the users to caption it. In this way, you will able to get more customers interact with your brand. 22. 22.

22. Organize Various Contests On Instagram

Organize different contests on Instagram, where the winner will get the cool prizes. For example, you ask for the picture that represent your product. The user who will submits the best picture will get T-shirt or any cool prize.

23. Deploy QR Code

Deploy QR Code
Use QR code in order to enable your customers at your store to directly connect with you on Instagram

24. Use Geotag For Your Post

Post the Photo Map and tag the places, where your business exists, so that customer can easily reach to your business.

25. Monitor Your Post Thoroughly

Monitor how your post is performing in the Instagram. Identify the best time to publish the post. The best time is that time, when you can easily grab the attention of the customers.


Hopefully all these 25 tips will definitely help you boost the marketing campaign at Instagram. If you find anything missed or difficult, please share with us at the comment section given, we will definitely discuss.

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  •   Tom Schon - May 7, 2015 @ 2:05 pm

    I think a tip that should always be among top tips is this one – use other apps! Instagram is so popular it almost gave birth to numerous third-party apps allowing to enhance your presence and improve the quality of content and followers. Know your statistics, iconosquare is a cornerstone of targeted engagement, it’s a Google Analytic for instagram. Filter your audience mercilessly, you don’t need to follow people not following you back. This task can be dealt with easily with fast-unfollow.com, its rate is 5000 unsubscriptions per day. Find out the best time to post in your region/niche and use scheduling apps to fit in it. In the end, thanks a lot for suggesting QR codes, i completely forgot about them and how they can be used to promote your Instagram in real life.

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