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18.04.18 11

Whatsapp Marketing Campaign Strategy: Best Way to Grow Business Sales in 2018

A lot of business owners and some famous brands have lately begun using WhatsApp as a multi-purpose platform for connecting billions of consumers. There are more than 456 million WhatsApp subscribers out of which 1 Million users are added every day. Interestingly, Facebook recently bought WhatsApp for 19 billion US Dollars, which is negligible in terms of business for obtaining a database of almost a million active users every day. Now just figure out the profit Facebook will get after...

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09.04.18 0

Mobile App SEO Optimization: Why You Should Optimize Your Mobile App?

Today, everyone life is so much connected with the mobile apps. Be it a game app or business app, all of us daily interact with the applications. According to the sources, it has been found that the number of mobile users have already outpaced the desktop user. Moreover, there are millions of applications available in the application store and the count is expanding day by day. And, hundreds of multifarious apps are downloaded every second. This alludes that how challenging is it for the...

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