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Google Search Impact Report Features

Google launches the alpha version of their new search queries report in Google search console to a limited number of Webmasters for feedback and testing. Google opened up a new report within Google search console, that new report is now available to a sub-group of those testers and is named the Search Impact report. You will get lots of features in Google search console with this report. It gives the ability to better analyze your site’s performance in SERP by showing your clicks,...

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Google Webmaster Tool Search Queries Old Report Format Link

Google officially launched new search analytics report in webmaster tools (Search Console) on May 6, 2015 with an additional option to check search query result in search analytics. Google also set up a help document to explain the difference. How to check old search queries in Google search console/Webmaster? Now after four months Google has removed the Search Queries report from the Search Console. You can now access the Old Search Queries Report via below...

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