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28.04.15 0

How To Check Mobilegeddon Impact On Your Website?

Mobilegeddon Meaning: Google has landed up with one more update and this time the giant search engine is giving preference to the sites that are responsive means mobile friendly websites will get higher rankings on mobile. We all have a big question in our mind that “have our website affected by Google mobile update?” If you really want to check Mobilegeddon impact then you must check you or your clients analytics. We can use Custom Segments in Google Analytic to check the impact of...

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02.04.15 2

Simple Guidelines To Optimize Your AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords has now become the most important approach for marketing process. This approach comprises the keywords researching, scrutinizing the audience, drafting strategies, setting up geographical location for displaying Ad online and many more. It is a faster way to drive product’s promotion, generating leads, increasing visitors and boosting the market. With the changing time, most of the marketing professionals like to optimize their AdWords campaign in order to boost the...

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