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What is Link reclamation? How to Build Quality Links that Helps in SEO?

Link reclamation: Link reclamation is the technique of fixing broken links of your company website and other websites with links pointing to your domain. There are many tools available that can help to extract broken links:. Google Webmaster Tools: GWT is the best way to find pages returning a 404 error. Apart finding 404s we can use webmaster for different purposes in SEO. In webmaster tool we can check broken links by going into the crawl errors section. Open Site Explorer: A free...

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23.12.14 27

How to Block Spam Bot Referral Traffic From darodar, ilovevitaly, hulfingtonpost and blackhatworth

You might be aware about darodar, econom, ilovevitaly referral spam traffic and now the new rising is hulfingtonpost and blackhatworth as these are spam traffic that are showing in Google Analytics as referral traffic but this is spam and is not good for website. We are going to show you how we can block these spam referral traffic with just single javascript code or php code. You only need to add some simple code in your website. If you are getting referral URL in Google Analytics that...

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How a PR team Can Be Helpful in Improving SEO Result

Today, the online marketplace has become competitive. Therefore, various businesses are searching for something smarter and newer technique to maintain the superb online presence. For gaining the strong presence in the online world, it is imperative to go with trends (that audience wants) and standard rules (that the major search engines have deployed). With the recent Google algorithm updates, it seems that the quality content plays crucial role in taking the website to the good rank. Hence,...

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