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10 Best Ways To Get More Instagram Followers in 2018

instagram hashtags

Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has been on the rise all around the world. At present, millions of images are posted and shared every day. Owing to this reason, this platform is gradually becoming the hot trend for the online marketing campaigns.
At present, besides deploying social media marketing, many businesses have started using Instagram as an instrumental platform for establishing their brand image in the digital marketplace.

Increasing the followers is quite a challenging and time-consuming task. There are no shortcuts or any trick to get more followers. Only the proper strategy can give the best shot and help you achieve the best outcome.

Tips to increase Instagram followers and likes:

1. Post Images With Popular Hashtag

The use of popular hashtags can ease the way for the users to find your images. If the images are not searchable, then the chances of gaining followers are highly low.

instagram hashtags

Thus, you should first focus on making the images searchable. Hence, it is better to post hashtag with the images. Moreover, you can also use the hashtag that can get the followers, like #instafollow, #tagforlikes, #FF(Follow Friday) and many others. In order to find the popular hashtags, you can search the people who are popular on the Instagram and from their portfolio, you can find the popular hashtags that they are using.

2. Like & Post Comment For Other People

Posting the comments and liking the images of the target audience will easily make your profile visible to the audience. By making your profile more visible, the chances are, your images will be more visible to the audience. This can increase the list of followers of your profile. In a nutshell, it will naturally attract the other people to check out your Instagram page and share & like your images.

3. Post Photos In Effective Times

Posting photos in the effective times like 2 AM and 5 PM can result in gaining more attention towards your images. According to the research, it has been found that 2 AM and 5 PM are the best times while 9 AM and 6 PM are the worst times. Posting the images in the effective times can directly result in increasing the followers.

4. Share Image On Sunday & Wednesday

The recent data states that generally the least images are posted on Sunday. Thus, the best way to gain visibility is to post the images on Sunday. Posting the images on Wednesday can also enhance the engagement. This will surely help you get more followers of your profile.

5. Deploy Contest On Instagram

Deploy varied contests on the Instagram in order to bring more visitors. You can publish the images (that promote contest) and can ask the people to like the images or become a follower in order to be a part of that contest.

6. Employee Usage Of Mayfair filter

Mayfair filter is the most commonly used filter among fortune 500 companies. According to the study, it has been found that the images with the Mayfair filter get more than 24 interactions per day. Through this data, it can be said that this is one of most effective filters for the marketers.

7. Keep Your Instagram Profile Complete

Your Instagram profile plays a crucial role in gaining the followers. Hence, it is significant to never leave the information in the Instagram bio incomplete. You can use relevant keywords, hashtags and a backlink in your website. Moreover, it should be remembered, the bio content should not look like spam because it will show your profile in a bad light that will, in turn, develop the bad impression on the mind of the visitors.

8. Integrate Call-To-Action With Image Caption

call to action instagram
The best way to attract the visitors is to keep them engaged, which is possible if you use the call-to-action functions with image caption.

9. Use Geo Tagging Functionality

Do not neglect the use of geotagging functionality. The geotagging is highly beneficial for local businesses. It will help your followers to find out the correct location of the business. By geotagging the images, the other people, who publish their images in the same region, can spot your images in the location page. This will, in turn, enhance the visibility of the image.

10. Ask The Influential Guest To Post

If you know any person, who is highly influential in Instagram and social media, then you can ask him/her to share the post on your account. This strategy will definitely work in bringing more new followers.

How to get Instagram Followers: Video

Hopefully, these tips will help you in gaining more and more followers on Instagram for your online marketing campaign and other purposes. Please share your views regarding this blog via comment section given below. Stay tuned with us! We will soon come up with new ideas and concept.

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