App cost per install is an effectual digital marketing strategy specific to mobile applications. These app CPI campaigns are specifically designed for mobile users in order to promote the app globally through a web medium. App cost per install method has helped many business brands to launch their app successfully amid the audience. This is a systematic approach to mobile marketing generally initiated as pop-up ads, banner ads, text ads, and much more.



BetterGraph is an ultimate mobile marketing mainstay proffering manifold mobile marketing services out of which app cost per install is the most benefiting one.

If you are looking forward to kicking of an installation drive for a newly launched app, nothing could be better than choosing App CPI services for it. We have successfully launched various app CPI campaigns so far.

CPI- Remarkable Business Strategy

App CPI (Cost Per Install) campaign is a popularly known mobile application marketing system. This includes a proficient effort by app publishers to place ads on different digital media channels in order to fuel the app installation numbers. In this process, a significant amount is decided which the publisher pays to a network every time the app is being installed.

This is the easiest method of attracting traffic to your application viz. ensuring a large section of loyal app users. It is also known as Pay Per Install, an efficient and inexpensive method of advertising apps to gain huge user base. The expert professionals at BetterGraph accomplish the app installation process competently and without any hassles. This app advertising technique is actively used nowadays as it is both pocket-friendly and functions as needed.

This amazing marketing strategy is distinguished in two major categories namely: Incentivized CPI and Non-Incentivized CPI.

Incentivized CPI

This is a really cool strategy of app advertising where your app will get advertised by another app which will offer some promotional rewards to the users on every download. In simple words, it is another way for luring users through incentives with every download.

Non-Incentivized CPI

Non-incentivized CPI is another method of promoting your app through another app but in this case,

the user will get no incentive or rewards on their download. So in this category, the user will download your app without any rewards or privileges.

The mobile pay per install campaign introduced by us is meticulously designed in consideration to matching the requisites of both app publisher and marketer. Each of our strategies is capable of increasing the visibility and performance of an app.

Process Involved In Our App Cost Per Install Campaign

Here is a step by step summarization of the App CPI services offered by us. Apart from using validated and authorized components for web development, we boast our systematic approach towards materializing a process.

  • Request Initiation: The request for organizing a mobile app install ads program is received from users, which is then processed by our expert professionals.
  • Categorization of ad channels: The ad channels are shortlisted as per the CPI campaign requisites. After knowing a brief about the app, it is then shortlisted for ad display that matches the audience required for the app advertising.
  • Negotiating Expenses: The cost to be charged per installation by the advertiser and publisher is decided at this point of time. All our methodologies are inexpensive and match client’s requisites.
  • Designing: The designing of the CPI campaign is done by our expert marketing professionals in consideration with designers and site authors. They collectively formulate the best possible strategy for the project.
  • Campaign Setup & Optimization: After finalizing everything, the campaign set up is installed and further optimized for better performance.
  • Monitoring: Regular check is done to tab the data collected during app advertising. This helps in analyzing the strategies and lets them change if needed.

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