Android App Marketing Services

Out of the millions of Android apps available in the market, you need a competitive edge to get your app visible on the web. In simple words, to ensure the success of your newly launched Android app, you need to make it stand out from the crowd. BetterGraph is a top-notch app marketing firm having competent experience in rendering App Store Optimization (ASO) services for Android apps. We have a strategic approach towards promoting Android apps through app per install campaign. Having successfully worked with small and large scale companies, community and single-handedly operated business, we have formed a validated process set of influencing the ranking of an Android app with Google Play ASO.

Why Android App Marketing

In the present scenario, Google Play Store has been witnessing the presence of millions of apps in different categories. It has become difficult for the app owners to get a high visibility for their app to score well in terms of app installations. In such a context, Android app marketing plays a vital role in boosting the app’s visibility as well as number of installations

The process of Android app installation should be well-structured to reap the maximum benefits from it. A specialized app marketing company like BetterGraph can do the wonders by implementing the same impeccably. The major areas to focus are:

  • In-depth analysis and market research
  • Competitor app analysis
  • Social media marketing of the app
  • Submission of app reviews and PRs
  • Posting of app demo videos on popular platforms
  • Regular monitoring of app downloading trends
  • Implementation of organic techniques

Our organic app marketing strategies can help you score the maximum number of installations for your app that leads it to the success.

Android App Marketing Services

Glimpses Of Our Android App Marketing Process

  • Analysis of App All our online marketing specialists keep themselves updated with daily trends in order to ensure the strategic implementation of ASO to bring more business to the clients in a cost-effective manner.Our competent app programmers, first of all, check the app to know its ingenuity and exclusivity along with getting an idea about its scope in the Android market. This process helps the developers know the immediate stature of an app and lets them plan further to improve it. An analysis report is made compiling all the details of the prospective process and marketing plan.
  • Optimization of App Analyzing the scope of an app and its market, our professionals give suggestions regarding keywords, names, designing, etc. so that it can get better visibility on search engines and matches play store app marketing standards.
  • Systematization At this stage of the process, we plan out pricing strategies for the app so that it can be launched at the right time. Mainly, it includes all the pre-launch promotional activities, campaigns, etc. Our proficient media management team effectively takes care of the publicity and advertising related to Android app promotion.

Android App Promotion

We plan out proven methodologies and strategies to ensure the app reaches its goal. Further a follow-up is done through press releases, promotional blogs on different newswires.

Promote On Social Media

Understanding the fact that a large number of app users can be approached through different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Guest blogs, LikedIn, etc.

Facilitating Cost Per Install

Having a thorough analysis of the outcome, we initiate PlayStore App ASO and promote Android app bundled with latest offers, content, rewards, giveaways, etc., which ultimately helps in increasing app user base and revenues.

According to our marketing experts, the ultimate way to ensure an unbeatable Android app marketing is to make it unique and stand apart from the others available in the same niche. The best you can do for a futuristic Android app promotion is by offering those features in your app that are highly needed and would be of great use to the audience. This promotion strategy must also give an extra emphasis on reward and loyalty perks that would lure more mobile users for using your app. Doesn’t matter if the objective of your app is far different from your business, we have all skills to make them both run uniformly together, thus making them essential.

Our Android app marketing experts dedicatedly work together to create influencing apt marketing strategies that actually help an ordinary app to become a brand/ tycoon.

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