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23.12.14 27

How to Block Spam Bot Referral Traffic From darodar, ilovevitaly, hulfingtonpost and blackhatworth

You might be aware about darodar, econom, ilovevitaly referral spam traffic and now the new rising is hulfingtonpost and blackhatworth as these are spam traffic that are showing in Google Analytics as referral traffic but this is spam and is not good for website. We are going to show you how we can block these spam referral traffic with just single javascript code or php code. You only need to add some simple code in your website. If you are getting referral URL in Google Analytics that...

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07.03.14 0

Top 5 Tips for Hiring Best SEO Professional

In today’s business scenario, SEO has become the most important part of the marketing. Indeed, SEO is more than marketing, it has been helpful in creating brand value, reputation, advertising, user experience and lots more. In the business, everyone wants to be ahead. And, for being ahead, we need to mold our technical skills, strategies and even thinking according to the changing trends. As per the trend, there is the demand for SEO specialist, who can drive business with good pace and...

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27.02.14 0

Common SEO Myths: Demystifying Unprecedented Concept of SEO

Nowadays, SEO has gained the huge popularity in different genre of the online marketing. There is no doubt that most of the webmasters are practicing SEO tactics to promote their websites as well as business at the online marketplace. But, unfortunately, they are deprived of the most common SEO myths. Hence, their investment gets wasted. This further leads to drop in productivity or hinders them from performing well at digital place. Thus, this blog is presenting the most common SEO myths that...

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