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How to deal with negative reviews

The online negative review is disastrous to the reputation of business that can bring down the organizations’ customer base and profit. Today, before buying the products, most of the customers use the online media to identify the quality of the products. Thus, if they find anything negative about the business or its products & services, then this distract them from purchasing the products or doing the business with the organization. The online review plays a vital role in building and...

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How a PR team Can Be Helpful in Improving SEO Result

Today, the online marketplace has become competitive. Therefore, various businesses are searching for something smarter and newer technique to maintain the superb online presence. For gaining the strong presence in the online world, it is imperative to go with trends (that audience wants) and standard rules (that the major search engines have deployed). With the recent Google algorithm updates, it seems that the quality content plays crucial role in taking the website to the good rank. Hence,...

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What We Need To Take Care When We Are Doing SEO Audit!

SEO audit is an integral part of whole SEO process. Indeed, without proper auditing nobody can find out how well the SEO strategy is implemented and in the end most of the businesses loose their value in the digital world. Six Important parameters for SEO Audit: Content Schema Backlinks Title Tag Issues Meta Tag Issues Website Speed   All these 6 parameters play an important role in optimizing the visibility of the websites in the online marketplace. Therefore,...

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